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Wedding Program – Not only brilliant for your wedding, but for all your Christmases and parties afterwards.

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Getting married is a wonderful thing but let’s be honest, planning a wedding (and/or party) can be extremely stressful.

Introducing our wedding & party planner software…

Our wedding & party planner software will help you plan your own wedding; simplifying the process and taking care of everything you could ever imagine.

As well as being a great tool for individual weddings it also has the ability to manage multiple weddings, making this software a great tool for professional wedding planners.

Brief overview of what this program covers: 

  • Expenditure
  • Appointments (Hairdressers, etc)
  • Where & when (location/ date)
  • Who and what (appoint people to certain tasks)
  • To-do lists
  • Table plans
  • Menus
  • Invitation list
  • Pre-wedding parties
  • Gifts
  • And much more.

To find out more about what this software has to offer, check out the other tabs to the left where you will find Videos, FAQ’s and Guides & Tutorials, or if you have any further questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Loving the Business Contact Program! An excellent program that keeps everything on track. It’s a real Educators dream and fun to use too! But what puts it in the top 20% is the excellent backup from George, you know you are in safe hands.


I have been using the Personal Information Manager for many years. I find it indispensable! I use it at Christmas for keeping track of presents to buy and Christmas cards to send. For the rest of the year, I find its ability to dial my telephone numbers for me invaluable as I often misdial numbers when left to my own devices. I have recently started using it to keep track of my finances too. There are so many facets to this program – I wonder if I’ll ever discover them all!


I am very impressed with the service you have provided.  After my initial contact with you I have not had to chase the matter at all.  You took possession of the problem and pursued it to a prompt and successful conclusion and kept me informed all along the way.  This is the best service I have had from anyone.  Super stuff.


Using the Shaw Programs Horse Management Program is very easy and has helped me to organise my riding school business, my marketing and obtain much needed management statistics at a click. The after sales support has been excellent with several new reports being made available at my request. Overall great value for money. Don’t know what I’d do without it now.


The Horse Management Program from Shaw Programs is a fantastic asset to any yard. It completely takes away the stress of managing a busy yard and makes the day to day running of a business run very smoothly. The after sales care is second to none and I cannot recommend this program highly enough to anyone from a single horse owner to the manager of a busy working yard. It has assisted me in so many ways and now means that our riding school files and bookings are all on one system. I would recommend it to you all.


I have been using stud software since the late 80’s whilst working at large stud farms in Sweden and Italy. When I came to England in 2005, I was amazed that the technology was so little in use. I could not find any software that met the expectations I had from previous use. Unfortunately the Swedish and the Italian software is not available in English. I tried several different promising programs but was not impressed by the performance, especially not when I looked at the price tags. Then I found the Shaw Horse Management Program.

I have to say that this software is without a doubt the most valuable and versatile programme one can get for the money. It is very detailed in all aspects and would be very useful for any private or professional horse owner. For a Stud farm it is very important not to miss any due dates for vaccinations etc., to get all breedings recorded, to get all expenses charged for the visiting mares and so on. The Horse Management Program is the perfect tool to keep the records in good order and the economy in balance. I am also very pleased with the excellent and friendly costumer support. This program is the only British Stud software I have found to be worth the money and I am very happy to recommend it.


We were looking for management software to replace our paper booking system for riding lessons. After examining all the products available, we decided that the Shaw Programs Horse Management Program was the best available, not just in terms of features, but also in value for money and after sales service. We now use it for all our riding lessons and it has transformed the booking process.

It has also been a boon for the general management of the yard. All our client details, together with all the horse details are held on a central database which can be accessed from several computers at once. We can invoice straight from the program and all the vaccinations, worming, and farrier visits are coordinated from the software. There are also features such as the supplier and product database that we have recently started to use to keep track of all our feeds.

All the data can be easily analysed which aids the running of a smooth yard. We now consider this horse software essential for the business.


This wedding and party program was marvellous for planning my daughter’s recent wedding. With all of our friends listed in the Address Book, the invitation list worked well and allowed me to chase those who hadn’t replied!

The calculation of costs was concerning, but the Program helped me to adjust the menus accordingly and the table planning was so easy, allowing me to add and remove people from tables until the plans were complete. Then the print of table lists with menus allowed the caterers to supply the numerous vegetarian friends of the groom with the meals they wanted!

Now it is all over, I have a program for my Christmas cards and presents and no one will get the same thing twice – I promise – and I have three lovely pictures of the wedding I can look at whenever I am feeling down.


This Stock Control Program has ended the nightmare of controlling my stock – it makes stocktaking easy.

As an Estate Management Company, we have to move items (including wage costs and capital assets) to a different location in bulk and then invoice. This program does this automatically, so it’s very time saving and accurate.

Shaw Programs have been very supportive and helpful in sorting out any problems I have had and I would certainly recommend this program to anyone who wanted an easy, comprehensive way to control their Stock from Ordering to Invoicing.


This computerised Personal Contact Organiser and Address Book has been a great boon to my life. The Easy Data Entry method allowed me to enter the information easily and the Address Book displays everything in an easy way, allowing me to instantly telephone and email from the same screen.

In addition, the reminder of my appointments, birthdays and the presents I gave everyone last year is a great help. Similarly the Date List and Email Lists help my regular communications.

I would recommend this to anyone, who wants to make order out of chaos!


By cataloguing and photographing all our possessions, I am now confident that we have the correct insurance cover and, should the worst happen, I will not be left out of pocket.


The Consultancy Program from Shaw Programs has been heaven sent. It has made the day to day running of my business so much easier and sleeker. It is wonderful to have so much information available from a database.

It is so much more than just a database, it has become a secret secretary stored on the computer. For making Lists and Labels, reminding me of my Appointments and easily Invoicing my Clients it is a real godsend. A must have for any business, large or small.


This Business Contact Organiser is exactly what has been needed for a long time, and is equally suitable for Companies or for individuals. Based on Access, it is very comprehensive, simple to operate, comes with a full help program and, most importantly, the time-consuming set-up is all done for you.

This new database has saved our Company an immense amount of time.


My husband always told me I couldn’t look after the money and always wasted it. Then I found PIM.

I now know exactly what I spend, why I spent it, and what I spent it on. It has really brought the family together and we are all the better for it.

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