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Premier Stock Control Software – Great for every aspect of small companies.

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Our Premier Stock Control software makes stock management much easier, saving you time (and frustration) from the everyday management of your stock.

Brief overview of what this program covers: 

  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing
  • Quote requests
  • Credit notes
  • Deliveries
  • Address book
  • Telephone logging
  • Weekly planning
  • Pick lists
  • Email lists
  • Asset management
  • Low stock warnings
  • Automatic stock ordering
  • Report generating
  • And even back-up’s for added peace of mind.
  • Our Premier Stock Control software also does so much more.

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This Stock Control Program has ended the nightmare of controlling my stock – it makes stocktaking easy.

As an Estate Management Company, we have to move items (including wage costs and capital assets) to a different location in bulk and then invoice. This program does this automatically, so it’s very time saving and accurate.

Shaw Programs have been very supportive and helpful in sorting out any problems I have had and I would certainly recommend this program to anyone who wanted an easy, comprehensive way to control their Stock from Ordering to Invoicing.

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