Personal Information Manager


This program has been designed over the years and has now reached the stage when you can use it to manage all your affairs and financial affairs.

On the personal front you can find people by Category or Business, or who they work for and finally by their address or telephone number. You can look after Christmas and every aspect of personal affairs.

On the financial front you can see what money you have and how you use it to pay for things cash or cheque or credit cards. You can invoice items and collect the money from the sales. And at the end of the month you can compare it with your bank account.

Finally at the end of the year you can summarise your expenditure and send report to you accountant showing the total expenditure during the year, the details for the report and description of earning and payments.

In fact a program to help you in every way.

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PIM or the Personal Information Manager can cover all the problems you have.

It will cover all the problems you have in finding people and use them as and when you want.

It will remind you of birthdays and other things to do.

It looks after all your money; where you earn it and what you do with it.

You can display what you gave everyone last Christmas and easily decide what you are going to give next year.

You can control your money and compare it with your appropriate bank statements.

Brief overview of what this program covers:

  • Looks after the personal affairs  and the bank
  • Helps with all for everything at home
  • Looks after Christmas
  • Helps to plan your life
  • Good for balancing the books



I have been using the Personal Information Manager for many years. I find it indispensable! I use it at Christmas for keeping track of presents to buy and Christmas cards to send. For the rest of the year, I find its ability to dial my telephone numbers for me invaluable as I often misdial numbers when left to my own devices. I have recently started using it to keep track of my finances too. There are so many facets to this program – I wonder if I’ll ever discover them all!


My husband always told me I couldn’t look after the money and always wasted it. Then I found PIM.

I now know exactly what I spend, why I spent it, and what I spent it on. It has really brought the family together and we are all the better for it.

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