How To: Activate your software using a license key

During the 30 days of your trial, each time you run any of our software, you will see the following licence prompt:

Shaw Programs Ltd. - license key activation guide

During your trial period, you can click either OK or Cancel to bypass this prompt, allowing you to continue testing the software.

As the end of your free trial approaches we’ll send you a reminder email, letting you know that you need to purchase a license for the software in order to continue using it.

In order for us to unlock your software we will require your unique “Installation Serial Number”, which is displayed on the licence pop-up (shown above).

Once we’ve received both your payment and your “Installation Serial Number”, we will generate a license key, and send it to you via email.

You should then enter your license key to the licence pop-up prompt, as shown below:

Install Test-2016-08-04-14-53-20

Once a valid license key has been entered and you’ve clicked “OK”, the software will be permanently activated, and will thus display the following message:

Install Test-2016-08-04-14-53-25

You will then be able to run the software without encountering further license key prompts. Instead you will always be taken directly to the Start Menu:

Install Test-2016-08-04-14-53-30