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Purchasing and Installing a Program Licence using PayPal

Our programs allow you to use them on a trial basis, fully functioning, for 30 days before they will cease to work. At any time during the trial period, or even once the trial has ended, you can choose to purchase a licence. Once purchased and installed, the licence will allow the program to continue to function indefinitely. You are also entitled to unlimited free upgrades provided on our website.

This document will walk you through the process of purchasing a licence for one of our programs. The examples here will feature the “Horse Management Program”, but similar steps will allow you to purchase a licence for any of our programs.

Obtaining your unique Serial Number

The licence you purchase will allow the software to run on one machine only. The software is tied to this machine using a unique serial number. This serial number will display each time you open one of our unlicensed programs:

Figure 1

If we look more closely, the “Installation Serial Number” is what we’re after:

Figure 2

In this example the number is: 24057934-94924285. Make a note of this.
Armed with this information, we can now head on over to the Shaw Programs website, and purchase a licence.

Purchasing a licence

Purchasing a licence follows an almost identical procedure to downloading the software, which you did in order to download the initial trial version.

  1. First visit our website –

    Figure 3
  2. The click on the “Shop Now” link to browse our list of programs:

    Figure 4
  3. Scroll down the page until you locate the program for which you wish to purchase a licence. In this case, the “Horse Management Software” and click on the “Learn More” button beneath its image:

    Figure 5
  4. Scroll down the page until you see the “Delivery Option” section. As you did when you downloaded the software initially, choose “Instant Digital Download (Free)” from the two delivery options. This time though, you will also click on the check box for a “Licence Key”, before finally clicking on “Add to Basket”:

    Figure 6
  5. When you are ready to pay, choose “Proceed To Checkout”:

    Figure 7
  6. You will be shown your order on the right, and will have the option to login at the top-left. Use the same details that you registered with when you first downloaded the program:

    Figure 8
  7. Enter your username/email address and password, before clicking on the “Login” button. If you have forgotten your login details, you can use the “Lost your password?” link to set a new one:

    Figure 9
  8. Your details will then be retrieved. On the left, there are two boxes for “Additional Information”. In the first box, called “Unique Serial Number”, you should enter the “Installation Serial Number” from your copy of the program, as described earlier in this document. You can also leave us a note using the “Order Notes” box. On the right, choose your method of payment, in this case PayPal. Finally, click on “Proceed To PayPal” to complete the payment:

    Figure 10
  9. Log in to PayPal as usual and choose how you wish to fund this transaction. Finally click on “Pay Now”. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will return to our site, and see the details of your order:

    Figure 11
  10. Your “Order Number” should be referenced in any email to us, so that we can locate this transaction. You will also receive two emails (one from PayPal and one from us) with the same details:
    Figure 12

    Figure 13

Unlocking the Program

  1. Once we have verified your transaction, we will add an “Unlock Code” to your order. This will arrive as an email:

    Figure 14
  2. You can use this number to permanently unlock the software on your machine. You enter this number into the pop-up “dialog box” that you saw earlier:

    Figure 15
  3. Once you click on “OK”, the software will confirm that you have registered, and you will not see the “Nag Screen”, as it is known, again!:

    Figure 16

That’s all there is to it. We hope you have found these instructions useful. If you have any comments of queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A PDF Version of this document is available if you prefer to have an offline copy.

George Shaw