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Program Updates for Existing Customers

Since has had its makeover, we have received some queries from existing customers asking how can they download updates for programs that they had already purchased prior to the website facelift.

When a new customer purchases one of our products, they create an account on our server, and whenever they log into this account, any products that they have purchased, together with any updates are listed there.

But if you purchased any of our products before the new website launched, how can you get to your updates?

It’s essentially the same process: you create an account on our server, and simply request a trial (and therefore free) of any product you already own. Whenever you log into this account, you will see any updates that we have released for each product.

In this hypothetical example, I am going to pretend that I am an existing customer of both the Horse Program and the Stock Control Program.

If I visit the website, I am presented with our homepage, from where I choose the “Shop Now” link:


I am then presented with a list of all of the programs that we sell. The order isn’t important, but as I scroll down the list of programs, I see the “Premier Stock Control Software” link first, so I click on “Learn More” to go to that product’s page:




On the product’s page, I scroll down until I see “Delivery Option”, and I select “Instant/Digital Download (FREE)” to request a free trial of the program:




I then scroll down a bit further before clicking on “Add To Basket” to add this product to my shopping basket:




I could “Proceed to Checkout” at this point, but as I am a registered user of a second program, I will select “Continue Shopping” to repeat the process for the “Horse Program”:




I am then returned to the “Premier Stock Control Software” page, with my pending order clearly visible in my basket on the right.

To get back to the list of available programs, I select the “Our Programs” link as before:





Once again, I am looking at the list of our available programs. This time I scroll downwards until I see the “Horse Program” and then click on the “Learn More” button for this product:




As before, I select “Instant/Digital Download (FREE)” as my preferred “Delivery Option”:




I then scroll down until I see the “Add to Basket” button, and add this product to my shopping basket:




I now have the two programs in my shopping basket, and can now complete my order:




I now choose the “Checkout” button:




I now fill in my order details:




Finally I choose a strong password, before clicking on the “Place Order” button:




You will then be presented with the details of your order. Please note that we were not required to enter any payment details as these programs are being delivered for a trial. As an existing customer, you can unlock these trials, using your existing code that we will have previously sent to you:




You will then receive two emails from us. The first confirms your username on our website:




Whilst the second email will contain details of your order, together with download links for the programs and any updates to those programs:




If you click on any of those links, the software will be downloaded to your machine, and you can install/update the software as before.

In future, if you wish to check for more recent updates, you can visit our website and log in using your account. To do this, you can use the “My Account” link at the top of the homepage:




You might be asked to log in, depending on how long it’s been since your last visit. If required, enter your username (from the email) and password here, before clicking on the “Login” button:




You will then be presented with your own portal on our website.

Your orders can been viewed here, together with any available downloads:




If you keep an eye on our website for news regarding updated programs:




When you see an update to one of your programs, you can log into your portal, and the download will be available from there.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.