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User guide: Wedding & Party Planner

This program is suitable for everyone in the Wedding or Party Business. If you organise weddings, the program is useful to you in two particular ways: a) you can use the Easy Data entry program to put all the names in to the program quickly. b) any people who have “Temporary” in the “Category” field of the Address Book, can be delete all at once, before starting on the next wedding or party plan.

This program is also suitable for any mother or daughter/Son wanting to organise their own wedding(s) and parties and allows you to plan the build up to the day and have a very good record of the day ever after. The information below shows what the program does. You don’t have to use all the program all the time, but some parts of it will be useful to you and save you time, once you have learnt how to use it. With help available on F1, this program should be easy to use. The program is divided into two parts, one part devoted to the wedding and the other to Parties, from a dinner party to large ones with lots of preparation.

You can switch easily between the two using the pop up Form, when you first start using the program or using the “Change Wedding/Party” on the Settings Form. If you are doing a wedding the wedding Rings will appear at the bottom and if it is party, you will see a Bottle of Champagne at the bottom

Opening Form

3 A OpeninPage WeddingCapture

This program has two forms to start the program, one having accepted the Wedding Option, when the Rings will appear in the footer or a Party Program, showed a Bottle of Champagne at the foot of the page. If you ever want to change from one program to another, you can do it my going to the Setting Menu and clicking the “change Wedding/Party”.
The Start Page, which shows up otherwise informs you that the program has been compacted, allows you to attach a picture, Review Updates on the Website, View the latest Program Notes, Save the Setting Table (before doing an update) and then Restore the Settings Table after downloading the Update.

You can then start the Program.

Main Wedding Program

4 Main Wedding Program

The Main Menu together with the ribbon at the top, controls what part of the Program you wish to use. At the top you have the Date and the Count Down to the Wedding. It is grouped in five, areas, Weddings (& Parties), Address Book, Lists Photographs and General Items along the bottom of the Form.

The Wedding / Party includes Planning, Things to Do, Key Figures, Locations and Expenditure, Pre wedding Parties and Gifts (not on Party Program), Entertainment, Invitation Lists, Menus and Table Plans.

The Address Book section has the Address Book, Address Search and Address Book Report. The Lists are for Date Lists (Includes Christmas Cards), Lists with Items (Christmas Presents) and Lists for emails. The Photograph area allows you to hold 5 Photographs of anyone in your Address Book for the Particular Wedding or Party. Then Easy Data Entry, Export, Diary (& 7 Day Planner) and Category List Selection.

Enter Settings, Backup Data, Delete Temporary Names, Help Invoices and Credit Notes, Telephone Log, You can also Hold as many Websites as you want and see a list of them (Easy To Enter), Change Background Colour, Open Word & Excel and Close Program.

Any people entered into the Address Book as a “Temporary” Person, can all be deleted at the same time with this button.

Wedding and Party Planner

5 Wedding and Party Planner

This Page coordinates all the costs and the Planning Notes for the day. You can include the 5 Pictures to remind you of the day, which are entered on the Main Menu.

For the Wedding Program you will include the Wedding Organiser, The Bride and Groom and where they are staying and what church etc. is being used. The “Hotel” and “Church” can be changed to whatever is appropriate in the Setting Table. This is not included in the Party Program

For the Party Organiser you will have the Name of the Party and The Host and Hostess for it. Any remarks can be entered in the comments about the wedding and printed out.

Activity Times refer to the great day. You can enter the date and time, what the excitement is and the person in charge. This can also be printed out.

You can attach and view as many files as you like, such as Invitation Cards, the Wedding Dress photos etc.

Finally we have the total cost of the wedding or the Party which can also be printed out.

Address Book

6 Address Book

The Address book is to hold all your names and addresses, separated by People and Companies. You can select names by People or company and also by Category. You enter names and details (look above) and you can have as many addresses as you want.

Telephone numbers and email addresses can be rung/entered direct from the screen look at the help file that comes with the program for full details.

You can link and view connected files and write notes (Private to the Operator if networked), Open Standard letters, add to list and update all email addresses on forms at any time You can search the Address Book by Address or Telephone Number.

Finally you can include a picture of the person, export the name and address for a letter and do an envelope and enter their relation.

Things to Do (Includes Plans for Church)

7 Things to do

Things to do can be a shopping List, Things for the Tent Men to do, things for the Bridegroom to remember etc. You have to enter a Title for the List. You can enter a person (or company) and double Click for the address and you can also put a Note in. If either the Note or the Person is left out they won’t show on the printed item On the main party of the form, you can show the list of things to do, with a Date, what has to be Done, the Completed Date and a field to tick. There is also a Warning check, which if ticked, means that you will be reminded of any uncompleted item on the list, when the program opens.

The image below shows the list being used for a church seating plan.

Key Figures

8 Key Figures

Key Figures are the people you rely on a Wedding or a Party to do everything you cannot do yourself. They might be Ushers or your friends you have nominated to do things. The Form shows the Job Title, the Person and the Notes.

The person is selected from the address book and their full details can be seen by double clicking the name. As you move from entry to entry the popup Address changes. All numbers can be dialled by double clicking them.

Lines or the whole form can be deleted, if you have got to start again. The entries can also be printed out.


9 Locations

This form can show all the locations you are going to use. It might just be a small and cosy hotel, or you might be planning a wandering wedding with perfect timing.
As on the previous form you can see the addresses, delete one record or everything and print the report out.


10 Expenditure

Unfortunately all Weddings and Parties have extra bills, and this is a way of keeping a check on what has been bought. The final total is carried over to the Wedding/Party Planning page. The form, shows the Date, the shop (details should be in the Address Book), so you can see the details by double clicking it. You can see what you have bought and the cost. If being paid in instalments you can make two payments before the balance has to be paid.

The List can be sorted By Date, Shop and Item and one must be selected before the form is printed. As Usual you can delete a line of information or everything.

Pre Wedding Parties (Wedding Only)

11 Pre Wedding Parties

This form allows you to have a record of your pre-wedding parties, provided you are given the information for the record. You can have as many parties as you want before the wedding. Someone must organise it and the people coming should be in the address book. And are selected on the left hand side, you can show as soon as they accept and if they are contributing anything, it can be shown in the contribution column.

On the other side you can have the details of the evening, day or weekend,, together with what you are doing and when. Again if all names are in the Address Book, you can see the details here. The cost is also shown and calculated. The wedding is charged for the Balance between the cost and what is raised from the Participants.

If you want to delete anyone just select the record and use the delete Button. If you want to have another party, just use the New Party Button and select someone to run it. There are two separate Print out for The Guests and the Evening’s Entertainment etc.

Gifts (Wedding Only)

12 Gifts

This gift area is split into two parts. The first is your Wedding Gift List, which shows the shop, hopefully with details in the Address Book, follow by the Present, the Shop reference, the Cost and the number you want.

The other side is where you record, what you have received. This shows the name of the shop, the person giving the Present, the details of it an d the cost. You then have two columns, one to show when you have thanked for the present and the other one to show if you are returning it, You the Have two party, where in the usual way you can delete an item or a whole list on either List.

The Shop list can be sorted by Shop Name and Gifts and one or other must be clicked before Printing. The other List can be sorted by Shop, Guest and Gift and must be selected by one of them before Printing.


13 Entertainment

You might have some entertainment at your Wedding and certainly for a party. You can enter the details for them here. You have the Entertainment, the Organiser, who should be in the address Book, any Notes, and the cost. The total cost will be added to the Wedding(or Party) Costs. Particular Items can be deleted or everything, if you have a change of Plan, and the form can be printed out.

Invitation Lists

14 Invitation List

This is one of the most important parts of the Program. You can add anyone in your address Book to the program using the Select Names Form(see Below).

This form allows you to see everyone on your address and either select them individually or everyone and then remove the ones you don’t want using the Select Name column. Then you want to decide what address to use, either the Married one or the Single One. With companies it is best probably to accept the first entry. You can narrow the selection down by using the Select People/Or People and Companies, You can also select by a Category, You can see the full address and telephone numbers of people, if you want to ask them something and you can either close without doing anything or Close and update, using the Update and Close Button.

This is the Main Invitations Page. You can Delete a Name, Sort the List by First or Last Name, insert All Sent or all received and mark either Acc or Ref automatically on double click. You can select whether to show First and last Name or First Name only on the Table Lists. Copy and Delete All Copy allows you to copy the names to another List. Very useful id you have an annual party or have a regular dinner party.

You can show whether someone is a vegetarian or has special dietary requirements. At the bottom you can open the Wedding Form, The Menus, and The Table Plans. You can copy ticked names in tho the current List using the Copy Button. Reports include:

Labels (16 types) to send out invitations, Report of All Invitations, Report of all acceptances, Report of All Refuses and report of all Vegetarians. You can do an envelope for someone and export their name and address to word for a letter . Finally you can export everyone to mail merge to output letters to everyone.

The show No Label, selects everyone, who has not got a label, but needs one.



This programs allows you to have two menus for Weddings and Parties, one for Vegetarian and one for non vegetarians.

16 Menu2

Invent the menus, or put in what your caterers are suggesting.Set the courses out, starting with the 1st one as 1 in the order with the next one being 2 etc. If you marking thing as a Vegetarian dish it will migrate itself to the Vegetarian section, The Item Becomes the main Thing on the Course and the Extra’s make up everything else.

16 Menu3.

If you have two starters, they are shown with an “or” in between them and a line between the courses. See the example Below

Table Plans

17. Table plan 2

This is the second form with a lot going on. You start off with a lot of people accepting the party and showing up in the right hand Table. You can show people by their last name or first name and you can also see either everyone invited or those who have accepted. You then add a Table, name it, select its shape and list it various sizes. Vou can then start adding Names to the Table by clicking the “A” on the Name list. When you have the right number on the Table, you can then put a number against them and click the update Order to do just that.

17 Table Plans


At the top left there is a screen, where you enter the number at the table and fill in the the number sitting where and you are now ready to go. As to output you can:

a) Print Table Cards With Titles or lain or in Script
b) For Lists you can do an alpha List, A Table List or A table List with Catering Comments on it
c) Finally you can Print Your Table Pans, showing where everyone is sitting round each Table, be it square,Oblong or Round.
d) The other buttons allow you to lock the number allocated and unlock it. Add a new Table and Delete a Table.

Circular Table Plan with names and positions at Table.
Table plans can show menu requirements for staff

Lists with Dates

19 List With Dates

This feature is very useful for mailing lists of any sort. You can use the Names Table to see everyone in your Address Book; you can select all of your entries in one go, or you can select entries individually or by category. Using this feature, you can create labels, save names and addresses to Mail Merge, send bulk emails and prepare reports.

You can also copy names to another list or opt to only use particular names.

List with Items

20 List With Items

This form is particularly good for Christmas planning. The List with Items can include all the presents you have given and received for the year. It also has a useful feature that allows you to hide selected items (just in case one of your gift recipients walks into the room before Christmas Day!) You can also copy the names from one year to the next, allowing you to see what gifts were given and received the previous year. As for all the Wedding and Party Planner forms, you can see the address details of each person entered into the List with Items. Although the form comes with two standard list headings: ‘Present To’ and ‘Present From’, these can be customised as desired.

List for Emails

21 List For Email

Lists with Emails is particularly useful for event planning, as it allows you to send bulk emails to approximately 40 people at once; the number of people you can email is controlled by your server.

The number of people you would like to email can be selected by clicking ‘Open List Of Emails’ and selecting the email recipients either individually or by category; all email contacts can also be selected in one go.

The email list can be printed for filing and you can always see the address of each email recipient, by clicking ‘Show Address’.

Easy Data Entry

22 Easy Data Entry

The Easy Data Entry program allows you to enter information on all your contacts into the Wedding and Party Planner
program easily, using a CSV format, which can be obtained via Microsoft Excel and Word, Outlook Express and Notes. Once inserted, all information is automatically entered into your Address Book. The Easy Data Entry program is also free (can be found on our website).

Export Information to Other Programs

23 Export Data to Other Programs

Once you have entered all the necessary information for your wedding or event into the program, you can
export certain parts of this information to other formats, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. To export a current form, it must be open before it can be exported.


24 Diary

The Diary and 7 Day Planner comes in two parts. The first of these is the Diary, which is for the name entered in the Settings menu, but anyone else can be inserted. Diaries of future activities can be also be entered, and diaries can be printed out.

Upon opening the program, you will receive reminders of all appointments entered.

7 Day Planner

25 7 DAy Planner

The 7 Day Planner allows you to create a detailed timeline of activities, appointments, reminders and tasks for a full week. Once the week has passed, you can simply delete and start again, if you’d like. You can also print the form or save it for future reference if needed.

Selection by Category

26 Selection by Category

You can call up any part of the Address Book with the Category List.

You can ring entries up, prepare an envelope for them, or export contact details to another program, such as Microsoft Word. You can also see the full details of each entry by opening the Address Book Popup.

Enter Setting and International Settings

27 Setting and International Settings

This is where you can fully customise the program to suit your needs. You can also customise your security settings by entering a password, so that all your information can be completely secure.

Here, you can also determine whether you would like to use the program for party planning or wedding planning. If you are living outside of the United Kingdom, you can use the international settings options to adjust your currency, dates, etc., as needed.

Back Up Data and Delete Temporary Names

28 Backup Data

You should back up your data regularly, as you don’t want to lose it in the event of technical issues with your computer. The program allows you to efficiently back up all the information you’ve entered for all of your contacts, events, locations, and so on, so that you can have peace of mind.

When planning large events that require you to import a lot of extra contacts for your lists, you may not wish to keep all of those contacts in your program for the future. In this instance, you can categorise these contacts under ‘Temporary’; all contacts under this category will then be deleted once ‘Delete Temporary Names’ is clicked, saving you lots of time spent sorting through your lists.

Invoices and Credit Notes

29a Invoice

If you ever need to send an invoice or give a credit note, this can be done easily with these two forms.These forms can also be printed or emailed to the recipient directly.

29b Credit Note

You can also tick the invoice or credit note once it has been paid, to help you stay on track of all your billing.

Telephone Log and Email Log

30a Telephone Log.

The Telephone and Email Logs record all telephone numbers called, along with details of the call such as time and date. The email address of the contact called is also included in the log for easy reference.

30b Email list

An added advantage of the logs is that you can write notes against each entry, and you can even include reminders next to each entry, which you will be reminded of the next time the program is opened.

Change Colour and Pop Up Address Book

Change Colour & Pop up Address Book