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User guide: Personal Contact Organiser & Address Book

Keep as many addresses as you want for People and Companies. Telephone, Email and visit the Web from the screen. Save and Visit as Many websites as you wish. Be reminded of Annual items like car insurance and Birthdays, Appointments, Things to Do Telephone Calls & Emails.

Date Lists for anything incl. Chritmas Cards. Item Lists for Chrismas Presents. Do an envelope & Export Address to another program. Change smoothly between People & Companies. Attach other Files on your computer to People and Companies. Free Easy Data Entry Program for Putting Your Data in. Two main menus to suit your syle.

The information below shows what the program does. You don’t have to use all the program all the time, but some parts of it might be useful to you and save you time. once you have learnt how to use it. With full help, this program should be easy to use.

Main Menus

3 Main Menu

Select which Menu to use – you can change between them:

a) Select in Setting, which part of the Program you wish to use. This can also be done from the Ribbon at the top of the screen.
b) Select what Background Colour you want to use for the program.
c) Open Microsoft Word and Excel and close the Program.
d) Select a Category List of Names for Communication purposes.
e) Select a Picture you want to use in the Left Side Menu
f) On the
g) From the Standard menu, enter as many Websites as you want and display them as you require.

Address Book



a) Hold all your names and addresses (as many addresses as you want per Person/Company), including copy facility for Address Book)
b) Four Ways of Selecting Names (First & Last, Last & First, Last & Initials or Both (F&L & L&F)– Set In Settings)
c) Also narrow search to a particular Category
d) Enter Birth Date and calculates age – Can be hidden from age set in Settings
e) Enter Category (see Category lists below)
f) Telephone from the screen – You can do this throughout the program (and Export the Fax No). See Helpful Hints on the website for modem.
g) Notes – You can copy these to other parts of the Program if you want
i) Show two Company Contacts as 1st & 2nd Company Contact
and Telephone or email them without changing from where you are.
j) Connect and open Related Files to Company or Person
k) Select & Open Standard Letters for future use – visible on any entry.
h) Email from the screen – You can do this throughout the program (Either opens Outlook or saves it to use in your email system.)
i) Do multiple labels for the person or company (16 different regular sizes)
i) Design and do an envelope to the 1st or 2nd Addressee
j) Export the name and address of the 1st or 2nd Addressee to Word or elsewhere (And open Word at the same time)
k) Search address book by either 1st line and Town or Telephone Number
l) Add to Lists (see below)
m) Show what List (s) the person is on and Delete from the List if required
n) Add a Name or Company to an many lists as you want at once
o) Enter Relationships
p) Automatically tries to enters the correct form of Address (e.g. Mr., Sir, Lord etc.)
q) Include a Picture of the Person if you want (Cannot be too Big).
r) Allows you to select 2 Companies or People and double click their name to see their details and telephone or email them without leaving the page you are on.

Search Address

6 Search Address

a) Search By Town, County or part of Post Code or By Category
b) Address – (You can ‘phone all numbers throughout the program.)
c) Allows you to see Full address of Selected Person or Company – Details change as you move down/up the screen
d) Allows You to do an Envelope to Single Addressee or 2nd Company Contact
e) Allows you to Export Address for Single Addressee or 2nd Company Contact

Address Book Report

7 Address Book Reports

a) Export Personal Names and Addresses from Address Book for those with an address
b) Export Company Names and Addresses from Address Book,

List with Dates (Useful for Christmas Cards and Parties)

8 List With Dates

a) Select List for Names
b) Name Of List
c) Start Date of List
d) Start Time of List
e) End Date of List
f) End Time of List
g) Notes about List
h) Change a Name on List
i) Add Names to List; Select from all Names, by Category or a single Name.
j) Show Name, Company (if Applicable), Note about the Entry, Received Date (Can be Changed), Sent Date (can be Changed), Use or don’t Use a name for a particular run, Copy (mark to copy to another List), Add & Remove all Start Dates, Delete all Received Dates, Add & Delete all Use and Copy fields.
k) Copy Names from another List to Current List
l) Do Labels (16 Sizes)
m) Do Mail Merge for Letters
n) Do an Envelope to a Person On the List
o) Print the List either with Dates or with Addresses & Telephone Numbers.
p) See Address of person or Company on the List and telephone, email them or visit their Website from the pop up form
q) Show what other Lists the person is on

List with Items (Useful for Christmas Presents)

9 List With Items

a) Select List for Names
b) Name Of List
c) Start Date of List
d) Start Time of List
e) End Date of List
f) End Time of List
g) Notes about List
h) Change a Name on List
i) Add Names to List; Select from all Names, by Category or a single Name.
j) Show Name, Age if Applicable (See Settings), Note, Present To and Present From (Title can be changed e.g. Bought, Given etc)),
k) Delete Name
l) Hide (and Show) Items Presented To and Received From
m) Copy Names from another List
n) Print the List
o) See Address of person on the List and telephone or email them from the pop up form

Lists for Emails

10 Lists for Emails

a) Select List for Emails
b) Name of Email List
c) Date of Email List
d) Start Time of Email List
e) Notes
f) Open List of Emails to Select from, including selecting by Category or a single Name.
g) Details of Name, Email Address, Use and Copy (To another List)
h) Copy Names (from another List to the current one)
i) Copy Names to the Email and open Email if using Outlook etc. Paste to AOL etc.
j) Do a Report of the Email List
k) See Address of person on the Email List and telephone, email them or visit their website from the pop up form.

List by Category

11 List By Category

Select any category entered in Address Book and show:

i) Name of List Selected
ii) Name, First Home No., Office No., Direct No., Mobile and Notes
iii) Copy 1st Salutation to another program
iv) Copy 2nd Salutation to another program
v) Do Envelope to 1st Salutation
vi) Do Envelope to 2nd Saluation
vii) See Full Address Details incl. Email Address and website.

Telephone and Email Logs

12 Telephone and Email

All Telephone calls from the program are logged as are all Emails Sent. You can make any note you want on a Telephone Call or Email. If you want a reminder of either then you can ‘Tick’ the record and it will be brought up, when ever the program is opened.
The Lists allow you to email and Telephone from them, but the information will not be added to the List as a separate item. The Lists can also be printed out and items can be easily deleted.


13 Diary

a) Calendar of the month – can change Month and Year
b) Shows all Birthdays entered and Ages (if applicable (see Settings)
c) Select Name for Diary Entries if Different from Operator (Can hold and print multiple Diary entries)
d) Appointment Start Date, Start Time, End Date End Time, details and Notes
e) Add an Appointment to the Diary Date selected or another one
f) Delete an Appointment
g) Print Appointments (Between Selected Dates for a Selected Person or Everyone – Appointments can be kept and Printed for as many people as you want.)
h) Print Birthdays
i) Open weekly Planner

Operator’s Appointments and Birthdays show on opening for a warning period before set in the Setting Menu. They can also be seen from the top drop down menu as well as Weekly Appointments.

Weekly Planner

14 Weekly Planner,png

a) Select a Monday (or any other Date) from popup Calendar and other week dates will be entered automatically
b) Select if required person, from the Address Book, who the list is for
c) Enter information into hourly boxes
d) Print out report, which will expand to fit information required and show selected name if selected.
e) Can be entered from Diary or top Menu

Things to Do

15 Things To Do

a) Select List
b) List Name
c) Select Person from Address Book if required.
d) Date
e) Notes
f) Select whether to be warned of outstanding items on List, when program opens
g) Date of Detail
h) Details of List – select from Past entries or enter new one.
i) Completed
j) Date Completed
k) Add New Item
l) Delete Item
m) New List
n) Cancel List
o) Print List (shows Person or Notes if entered, but nothing if no one or nothing is entered.)

Export (To another program)

16 Export Informatione

a) Address Book
b) Appointments
c) Birthdays
d) Currents Lists or All Lists
e) Things to Do or All Things to Do
f) Settings


g) csf Delimited Format
i) Excel
j) Notepad

Easy Data Entry

17 Easy Data Entry

Allows you to input the majority of the address data for both people and companies using a spreadsheet approach on one extended line. Useful when adding People/Companies to the Address Book.

Important Reminders

This allows you to enter items like car insurance or car tax renewal as a day and a month and be reminded of it from year to year – Settings for reminder set in Settings Table.

Enter Settings

19 Enter Settings

a) Operators Name (Used for default Appointments)
b) Pre Dial (Any number to get a line)
c) Own Number
d) Set Telephone (Choose Modem)
e) Days warning for Appointments & Birthdays
f) Days Warning for Things to Do
g) Years to Hide Age from
h) Enter form of Single Title (e.g. Mr.. or Esq.)
i) Select Initials or First Name for Address
j) Method of selecting people in Address Book (First Name & Last Name, Last Name and First Name or Both)
k) Email System (Outlook etc. or Aol etc.)
l) Website Header Names for 4 entries
m) Whether to apply Proper Case or not.
n) Back up Data Source & Destination
o) Allocate interval for automatic Back Up reminder
p) Clear and Set Password
q) Open Setting Table – where all these Settings are stored.

International Settings

20 Intrnational Settings

The international Settings allow you to change the fixed code into what you want to show on your computer.

Back Up Data

01 Back Up Your DAta

Allow you to backup your Data or any other file on your computer. .(Automatic reminder to do it)


There is full on line help throughout the program by using the button on the screen or F1 on any part of it.

Review Updates

On the opening screen the database will compact and there is a link to the Address Book of the website, where you can see if you need to update your program, having first backed up (Exported) your settings or Saved them to your Registry, ready to be Inserted after the Download – You will be reminded to do this. In addition you can include a Logo or Picture on the Opening Screen and see the Program Readme Notes.

Compact Database

This is now done automatically, when the program opens.


The Program can be developed to your personal requirements (e.g. Individual passwords could be included for different parts of the Program). The cost would be £25 an Hour or by negotiation.

Useful Hints

Look at useful Hints on the website for telephone modem, data backup to Sugar Sync and free pdf reader.