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User guide: Horse Management Software

This program is written in Access 2010. The program is suitable for anyone involved with Horses, be it Keeping, Racing, Eventing, Shows and Show-jumping, Lessons, Breeding or Therapy. The information below shows what the Shaw Programs Equine Management Program can do for your business.

You don’t have to use all the Program all the time, but whatever parts of it you do use can save you and your business time and money. The program is compatible with any Windows based system (see Help for Macs.)

The program is ideal for Planning, quick and simple Invoicing, looking after your horses, Communicating, Scheduling and Recording information & data crucial to your business. This is a Large Program – you don’t have to use it all at once, but you might find parts useful to you now and use others as you get used to the program. There is Full online Help and an easy Entry Program for putting your names into the Address book and putting your Horse Details in to the Horse Part.

The Program is written in Access2010 and there is a Free Access2010Runtime.exe that is downloaded with the program.

What to Use

Stud Yards

  • Hold Details Of all Horses and People
  • Keep records of Coverings & Scans
  • Invoice at the click of a mouse all Livery Charges and Covering Costs
  • See Past Breeding and Past Results

Livery yards & riding stables

  • Hold Details of All Horses and People
  • Book and record all Exercises
  • Invoice at the click of a mouse all Livery Charges and Lesson Costs
  • See what Horses and Instructors earn and Clients pay

Racing, eventing, showjumping & other competition yards

  • Hold details of all Horses and People
  • Select the right Program for you Activity (Racing, Shows & Eventing)
  • Record all Eventing or Racing Activity (incl. Other Horses)
  • Invoice at the click of a mouse All Livery Charges and Activity Costs
  • See Reports for Results


  • Hold details of all Horses and People
  • Record all Therapy given
  • Holds a Scan of the problem
  • Invoice at the click of a mouse all Livery and Therapy Charges

Main Menu

3 Main Menu

This opening form, together with the Ribbon above is how you navigate the program. The Ribbon will change depending on what you change and the Activities on the Menu will change, depending on what settings you make in the Settings Menu, opened on the right.

The main menu is also where you store and visit as many websites as you want to store. You can also change the colour you want to use as your background colour in the program. Finally you can do a Category list for anyone in your address book ( see Page 26)


4 Horses

Horses – General

a) Name, Stable Name, (select which one to use), Stable/Field, Bought & SoldDates and Prices and Date of Joining and Leaving Yard (this field must becompleted for the horse to show on the Livery Report – see Livery Charges )
b) Date of Foaling, Age (Calculated), Colour, Sex, Country, Type and Height(In both Hands & Cms.)
c) Lessons Given showing date, Rider, Instructor in Ascending, DescendingOrder
d) Limit the Number of Times a Day a Horse can Work (Horse Usage)
e) Up to 4 Registration Titles and Numbers
e) Eventing Points and Winnings (Can be changed to Racing etc.)
f) Feeding – Time, Product, Quantity, No., Cost and Total cost(Updates the Stock record if Items changed.)
g) Notes
h) Past Breeding to three generations and report (Can add Other Horses)
i) Past Results (Can add other Horses)
j) Report on everything to do with the Horse – Useful when Horse Leaves Stable
k) Include Picture of Horse
l) Open related Files connected with the horse.
l) Show address of owner, and contact information – direct call/email facility.
m) Attach Letters or other files stored on your computer, and any other information connected with the Horse. Phone calls and e-mails can be date & time recorded and notes written on them.
n) N.B. Names of Horses can be added throughout the Program, as required, but full details can only be entered here.

Livery Charges

5. Livery Charges

a) Only Horses showing an owner and that are marked as having joined the Yard will show on this report. (Horse Report will provide information for Checking Invoices)
b) Rate, Amount, From, To and Total to be invoiced.
c) Auto calculation of livery charges for all Horses, or calculate/adjust individually.
d) Purchase/Sales of item for the horse, which can be invoiced (e.g. Vet, Tack, Rug Cleaning and Supplements etc.)
e) Open form to handle Flue Vac., Worming (incl. Type), Shoeing (incl. Type), and Teeth – Dates and Costs to be invoiced with auto updating, Vaccinations & Injections for all Horses with Date & Type and Invoicing.

Horse Breeding

6 Horse Breeding

a) For Mares & Stallions, include up to 9 auto scans/PD (auto-calculated or manual over-ride ) estimated foaling date can be inserted after successful Scan/PD.
b) Past Breeding and Results – Can add new Horses to both parts of form.
c) Holds Stud Fee and Covering Type
d) Mare and Stallion Reports.
e) Two spare fields to personalise to your specific requirements. Room for Notes on Covering and Scans.
f) Automatic Invoicing of Covering Costs
g) Holds Scan Pictures and results
h) Holds Vet’s name associated with scans, see their contact details – Double Click for Contact Details.
i) Scan Report
j) Attach Letters etc, and Notes of Telephone Calls (Date & Time recorded) connected with the Horse and the Covering.
k) Invoice stud fees

Activity Details e.g. Racing, Eventing, Jumping, Dressage etc.

7.Eventing Details

a) Eventing and similar Activities
a) Select Event (New name can be inserted below)
b) Name of Event & Dates (see ‘e’ below)
c) Ballot Date
d) Main input area for Secretary/Contact Details including Address, Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Email, Website and Notes (Can be used to comment on the Course)
e) Activity Dates
f) Horses attending incl. Date, Horse, Rider, Class, Section, Dressage Test, Notes ,Entry fee, Abandonment Fee, Late Entry,Start fee, Stabling charge, Riding supplement, Points (for each discipline) & Total, Place, and Prize
g) All charges can be invoiced automatically to Owner
h) Pop up forms allow you to contact Owner and Rider
i) Copy details of Organiser to all other activities of the same name
j) Create & Print Envelopes to Secretary/Contact
k) Pop Up Allows you to attach other things for your records or Website to the entry (e.g. Scanned Dressage sheets).
l) Also note only the Eventing Button is enabled on the Ribbon.

Racing and Similar Activities

8 RAcing and Similar Activities

a) Select Race Meeting (New Meeting can be inserted below)
b) Name of Race & Dates (see ‘e’ below)
c) Closing Date
d) Main input area for Secretary/Contact Details including Address, Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Email, Website and Notes (Can be used to comment on the Course)
e) Show Dates
f) Horses attending including Date, Race Name, Notes, Horse, Jockey, Handicap, Entrance Fee, Stabling charge, Riding supplement, Place, and Prize and Lorry Hook-Up, Muck Disposal & Additional Charge facility if required.
g) All charges can be invoiced automatically to Owner and Winnings Credited to Horse) Pop up forms allow you to contact Owner and Jockey.
i) Copy details of Organiser to all other Activities of the same name
j) Create & Print Envelopes to Secretary/Contact
k) Note only The Race Meeting Buttons are available on the Ribbon At the top of the screen

Shows and Show Jumping

9 Shows and Show Jumping

a) Select a Show (New name can be inserted below)
b) Name of Show & Dates (see ‘e’ below)
c) Closing Dated)Main input area for Secretary/Contact Details including Address, Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Email, Website and Notes (Can be used to comment on the Show)
e)Show Dates
f)Horses attending including Date, Class, Notes, Horse, Rider, Height, Entry Fee, Stabling charge, Riding supplement, Place, Points and Prize and Lorry Hook-Up, Muck Disposal & Additional Charge facility if required.
g)All charges can be invoiced automatically to Owner and Points & Winnings Credited to Horse(Can be Credited to Owner)
h)Pop up forms allow you to contact Owner and Jockey
i)Copy details of Organiser to all other Activities of the same name.
j)Create & Print Envelopes to Secretary/Contact
k)Note that you can only see the Showing Buttons on the ribbon
l)You can also attach other document to the entry. This might beuseful for people doing dressage. If you scan the results, you can seethe results in the attachments.

Event Results

10 Event Rsults

a)Shows all Activities and Horses attending/participating in the events
b)Shows contact details for Secretary/Organiser

c)Shows details of Horses attending, the Date of the Class and the Rider
d)Pop up forms allow you to email/phone Owner and Rider
e)Show results of an Activity and print them out (incl. Notes)
f)Easy Switch to Report menu where there are other reports on events
g)You can also be reminded of Ballot dates etc. as well if you want to.

Race Results

11 Race Results

a)Shows all Races and Horses attending/participating in the Meetings
b)Shows contact details for Secretary/Organiser
c)Shows details of Horses attending, the Date of the Race and the Jockey
d)Pop up forms allow you to email/phone Owner and Jockey
e)Show results of a Race and print them out (incl. Notes)
f)Easy Switch to Report menu, where there are other reports on Racing
g)You can also be reminded of Ballot dates etc. as well if you want to.

Show & Show Jumping Results

12 Show & Show Jumping Results

a)Shows all Shows and Horses attending/participating in the Show
b)Shows contact details for Secretary/Organiser.
c)Shows details of Horses attending, the Date of the Show and the Rider
d)Pop up forms allow you to email/phone Owner and Riders
e)Show results of a Show and print them out (See Pop-up, which can be Printed)
f)Easy to Switch to Report menu, where there are other reports on Shows
g)You can also be reminded of Ballot dates etc. as well if you want to.

Mileage Calculator

13 Mileage Calculator

a)Enter or Calculate Mileage to Activity
b)Use Standard Mileage Rate (See Settings)
c)Enter Adjustment (for number of horses going)
d)Cost per Horse calculated and can be invoiced
e)Select Wording to use on Invoice
f) The Mileage Calculator is tied to the Activity

Horse Exercise / Lessons

14&,15 Horse Exercise & Lessons

a)Five sections, Booking Form, Instructor, Horse, Date and Rider you can switch between easily
b)Shows Location, Horse, Date, Instructor, Rider, Start Time, End Time, Exercise Details, Exercise Notes, Riding Rate, Amount. and method of Payment.
c)Show Booking Form by Instructor, Rider, Horse or Date & Print Outseparate reports depending which heading is selected.
d)Select entries from Exercises/Lessons and copy from one day to another
e)Prevents over booking and double- booking of horses but also enable you to add as many people as you want to for Stable Management Lessons etc.
f)Invoice generated &Amount charged to Rider’s Account
g)Calculation of Charge either Time Based or Fixed (see top of form)
h)Change what you want to call the Charges on the Invoice
i)Note Method Of Payment and see a Banking Report of money received (and how) for selected period.
j)Pop up form to see Previous Lessons of Rider.
k)Report can be on any Form, including Past and Future Rider and Horse Activity. Booking Reports will also show Period of Lesson, Income earned by Horse and Instructor and Invoice reference.
l)All reports can be exported to Excel etc. for analysis.
m)Income and period worked, totaled by Horse, Instructor, Rider and Date
n)Any Horse record-data cannot be accidentally deleted (idea; for Health and Safety) unless the settings are changed to allow it. You maintain a complete record of what your horses and riders are doing.
o)You can delete entries in bulk, but only before the protected period.
p)Forms can be printed out between dates and exported to Excel etc. Detailed Reports show Period of Horse Usage, Income Generated, and Invoice Number for specific charge. By selecting the type of Report amounts can be totaled by Horse, Date, Rider or Instructor, depending which Report is used.
q)You have various Reports to help you manage your lessons
r)Standard report shows Instructor, Rider ,Horse, Date, Start and End Time, Details, Notes (can be changed to what you want in Settings), Riding Rate and Amount.
2)The Detailed Report gives the same information and breaks down the information by type of Lesson and the amount earned for each Section.
3)Banking Report shows how riders paid for what (e.g. Cash, Cheque etc)
4)The Management report gives Totals and Averages For Instructors and Horses, depending on which is selected5)Last Ride – This shows Rider email Address And Telephone Number, The last Time they Rode and the horse and the total Lessons and Amount Paid.6)Rider Value shows the Rider, email Address and Total No. of Rides, the Total cost of them and the Average cost.


16 Therapy

a)Five sections you can switch between easily
b)Shows Horse, Date, Therapist, Start Time, End Time, Therapy Details, Therapy Notes, Therapy Rate, and Amount.
c)Show Booking Form by Date, Horse, Therapist or Owner
d)Select records to Copy Therapy treatment from one day to another
e)Prevents double booking of horses.
f)Amount can be invoiced to Owner’s Account
g)Calculation of Charge either Time Based or Fixed
h)Personalise Therapy Type for Charges on Invoice to suit your ownrequirements.
i)Report can be created by any Permutation of horse, rider, date, owner & therapy, including Past and Future Therapy.
j)Stop Deletions, so you maintain a complete record of what therapy the horse hasreceived.
k)Select Standard Therapist and see all their details
l)Attach Scan or Photo of any problemm)Select Vet and see all their details

Address Book

17-18 Address Book

a)Hold all your names and addresses. As many as you want for people, partnerships and companies – plus option to have 2 contact names for Partnerships and Companies. This can be used as your main addressbook.
b)Select/Enter Category e.g. Owners, Friend, Employee, Rider etc.. This is ideal when creating Lists by restricting the selection to a Category & report then shows people only in that category.
c)Select Names and Companies by Category or by all Entries on the Database.
d)See lessons given to Pupils.
e)Enter Date of Birth (Age auto calculated)
f)Enter Standard Of Rider (A-F), which shows in Brackets on the Lessons.
g)Have as many addresses for one person as you like and select the one you want to use.
h)Show past Lesson Details (Ascending & Descending)
i)Telephone from the screen – you can do this throughout the Program. You can also lock the Telephone Numbers to avoid accidental deletion. One Telephone number is marked as Emergency and highlighted in Red.
j)Email from the screen – you can do this throughout the Program.
k)Visit a Website from the Screen – You can do this throughout the Address Book.
l)Select up 4 people/companies from the address book, double click them and you see a pop up of their name, address and contact information, which you can use the telephone, which you can dial, email or visit website (if shown) to communicate with them, without changing your place in the Address Book.
m)Create & Print multiple labels for the person or company (16 Sizes)
n)Create & Print an envelope for a person or company.
o)Export the name and address to Word or any Windows-based package.
p)Search by address (First Line & Town) or telephone number.
q)Add to Lists individually and in bulk
r)Show Riding Rate for Riding Schools use etc.
r)Show what Date list & Email list (s) the person is on and delete person fromany List they are currently on, if required.
s)Show Horses owned
t) Attach Letters etc, connected with anyone in the Address Book and note Time& Date of Telephone Calls etc.
u) Open Standard Letters
v) Private Notes – These are personal to your computer if program networked and allow large area for writing a note or list and you can print the current Note or all Notes.
w)Attach a Picture for each entry.

N.B. This is the main data-input section for names & addresses. Names of Owners & Riders can be added throughout, but must be completed here before they can be entered in Lessons etc.


19 Diary

a)Shows all Birthdays and Ages (if allowed by the program – see Settings item 23).
b)Record Appointments – keep appointment diaries for as many people as you want. You will be reminded of them when Program opens. Show Date and Time started and ended, Details and Notes.
c)Print appointments for any period and for individual people or companies or all.

Weekly Planner

20 Weekly Planner

By selecting Monday of a specific week from the Calendar, dates are auto- inserted. You can enter appointments for individuals or everyone and Print them. The Print Out expands to include the whole entry made.

Work To Do

21 Work To Do

a)Allows you to create lists for People and/or to do Actions.
b)Be reminded of items not completed, when program opens.
c)A person can be connected to a list and overall Notes can be added at the top.
d) If the Warning Check is ticked, this entry will show when the program opens.


22 & 23 Invoicing

a)Select Invoice Name
b)Add own reference to automatic one.
c)Show Header and Footer, if required, or use your own.
d)Add Details by Date with Amount and select VAT if to be charged
e)Invoice details transferred automatically can be amended
f)VAT and Total calculated
g) Notes
h) Select the Order for Invoice Details to be shown in.
h)Create & Print an Envelope for Invoice
i)View details for telephone or email contact of person or business being invoiced
j)For Email Invoices the footer details can be personalised along with variousother details.
k)Print and/or Save Invoice individually or in bulk – VAT will not be shown on Invoice, if no VAT charged.
l)Entries can be added to Invoices until Previewed/Printed.
m)Send Individual Invoices by email as automatic PDFs
n)View Statement form for Owner/Client
o)There is an Additional Invoice and Credit Note not attached to any horse, which could be used for Bed and Breakfast etc.

Automatic Invoicing

Automatic Invoices allows you to invoice items from the form you are working on by adding them to the most recent unprinted invoice or, if none are available, start a new invoice to the appropriate Owner or Rider. This can be done from:

a)The three Horse Forms: Livery Charges, Flu Vac, Worming, Shoeing, Teeth and Scans, Any Purchases for the Owner and Stud Fees.
b)The Activity Detail Form: Entry Charge, Stabling, Event Supplement and Rider Charge – Prize Money can be deducted if you want.
c)The Therapy Form: Therapy Charges.
d)Mileage Calculator Form: Transport Charges.
e)Exercise Forms: Riding Charges.


The program helps you communicate as follows:

a)The selected Address can be exported from the Address Book , the Suppliers Address Book, the Address Search and the Category List to any Windows-based programme.
b)By connecting your computer’s telephone modem to you telephone line, with a line splitter, you can dial any telephone number from the screen. Telephone Modems can be easily purchased and fitted to your computer if not already installed – See Helpful Hints On our website
c)The Fax Number can be copied to another program to send a fax.
d)Provided you use Outlook or Outlook Express, double clicking an email address will create an email. With any other web-based email account the email is copied, ready to be pasted into the email you create.
e)Create Lists of people and use it for mail merge or labels.
f)’Email Lists’ allow you to do mass emailing, controlled by the system you are using as in d) above. Most servers allow about 40 emails at once.
g)Instant web connection via URL using the system on the home Page.

List with Dates

24 List with Dates

e)Select List for Names
f)Name Of List
g)Date of List
h)Notes about List
i)Change a Name on List
j)Add Names to List; Select from all Names or by Category or Individually.
k)Show Name, Company (if applicable), Note about the Entry, Received Date, Sent Date, Copy (mark for another List), Don’t Print (if a Name is to be left off the print out this time)
l)Copy Names from another List
m)Create & Print Labels (16 Sizes)
n)Set up Mail Merge.
o)Print the List, including Sent & Received Dates, Address, Telephone etc. and Notes
p)See Address of person on the List and telephone or email them from the pop up form
q)Show what other Lists the person is on
r)Prevents Duplicate Names on a List

List for Emails

25 List For Emails

a)Select List for Emails (most servers allow about 40 emails tobe sent at once.)
b)Name of Email List
c)Date of Email List
d)Start Time of Email List
f)Open List of Emails to select from all Names or by Category or Individually.
g)Details of Name, Email Address, Use and Copy (To another List)
h)Use or Don’t Use a particular person On the List
i)Copy Names (from another List)
j)Copy Names to your Email account and open Email if using Outlook.
k)Create/Print a Report of the Email List
l)See Address of person on the Email List and telephone or email them from the pop up form

Category List

26 Category List

a)Select a Category List from Main Menu To Show:- Names belonging to that Category along with:
i)Home Telephone Number
ii)Office Telephone Number
iii)Direct Line Number
iv)Mobile Number

The telephone numbers can be rung by double clicking them and any note can be entered.

b)Export (to another Program) both the 1st & 2nd Lines including Salutation & Address.
c)Create & Print Envelope to the 1st or 2nd named person or Company in the Salutations fields
d)Open an Address Pop up Form to see Full Address Details, direct telephone or email facility.e)Print the List, including Address, Telephone etc. and Notes.

Tack Management

27 Tack Managment,PNG

This form allows you to keep a record of the Tack in your yard.

d)Set the location/Owner in the Setting Menue)Enter the Name of your locations where the tack is kept or the name of a horse or a combination of the two in the Locations Table.
f)Enter your categories in the Category Table (e.g. Rugs, Bridles, Saddles etc.)
g)Enter the items in the table underneath
h)You can confine the Location and/or the Category to the current one selected or use all of them.
i)In the unfortunate event of a loss/theft, you can mark the items lost and print it.
j)See the Report File for the Reports that can be obtained (page 16)
k)You can have as many lists as you want for any Address In Your Address Book


28 Suppliers

a)Select Supplier – This is basically for anyone supplying Goods aand Servicesto your yard including Vets.
b)Company Name
c) Type of Supplier
d)Contact Title, First Name, Initials, Last Name, Job Title, Contact Details
e)Select Contact/Salutation to use on Envelope.
f)Attach Letters etc and record Time and Dated Notes, connected with any Supplier
g)Address, Email, Website, Telephone and Fax
i)Select Address for Labels
j)Create & Print an Envelope for Supplier
k)Export Address to Word etc.
l)Create & Print Labels for all selected Suppliers
m)Create a Report on all Suppliers
n)Attach files from other places on your computer to a Supplier.


29 Products

a)Select Product
b)Product Name
c)Supplier – See Supplier Details
d)Product Quantity Size/Volume (e.g. Cwt., Bag)
e)Your current Stock-holding
f)Product Cost
g)Product Multiplier (e.g. No. of Units per Quantity)
h)Product Unit Use (e.g. Scoop, Handful)
i)Product Type (e.g. Feed, Supplement)
j)Units Available
k)Product Cost per Unit
l)On Order by Quantity
m)Low Stock Level by Quantity
n)Re-order Amount by Quantity
o)Update records shows the date the Usage has been updated to
p)Update Products (Updates usage of all Products to today’s Date)
q)Report of All Products in stock

Product Orders

30 Product Orders

a)Select Supplier – See Supplier Details
c)Add own reference number to automatic one
d)Show Header
e)Show Footer
f)Add Low Stock Items for this Supplier
g)Open Product List to add any Product
h)Delete a Product
i)Product Details, Quantity, No. Ordered, Cost, Total, whether VAT applies.
j)Sub Total, VAT, Total Order (VAT not shown on Print Out)
l)Create & Print Envelope to Supplier
m)Order Details (for Footer)
n)Save & Print or Save only
o)Send by email including automatic PDF of the Order

Order delivery – Book Deliveries into Stock

31 Order delivery - Book Beliveries into Stock

a)Cancel & Transfer Balance of Order
b)Cancel Balance of Order
c) Enter alternative Supplier for transferred Order
d)Date Received
e)Multiplier – If one lorry of 80 bales arrives, multiply order by 80 toreceive the right number into stock.
e)List of Orders Outstanding – Your Order Ref., Order Date, Product, Supplier,O.K.(booking-in confirmation along with correct price, date & quantity),Quantity Unit (If Part Order received), Part Orders already received, Balance Outstanding, Delivery Date.


32 & 33 Maintenance

i)Livery Rates
a)Client Name for Livery Rate
b)Type of Livery Rate for selection on Horse Form
c)Daily/Weekly Amount of Livery Rate – Can be different for different horses.

ii)Riding Rates
a)Type of Lesson charged to Rider.
b)Hourly Amount of Rider Rate

b)Number of Scans
c)Period between individual Scans

iv)Shoeing Rates
a)Name of Shoe
b)Notes on Shoe
c)Cost of Shoes

a)Name Of Therapy
b)Rate of Therapy
c)Notes on Therapy Rate

vi)Wormer Rates
a)Name of Wormer
b)Note about Wormer
c) Cost of Wormer VAT Rates

a)Name of Rate
b)VAT Amount
c)VAT Code


34 Settings

This is divided into four forms, Program Settings, Activity Settings, Warnings and International Settings.

1.Program Settings
a)Your name (This and your address will be used for invoicing etc.)
b)Tack Control shows the location of Tack.
c)Any pre-dial number you use to get a line
d)Your own telephone number and Telephone Settings
e)Use or Don’t Use Link to Horse_Data accdb (depends if Data is networked or not.)
f)Select Days between Backing Up your Data and Backup Source and Destination.
g)Proper Case – The Program puts the first letter in Upper case and subsequent ones in lower case. This facility can be changed in other parts of the program.
h)Yard Type
j)Open Settings Table

Activity Settings

35,, 36 Activity Settings

a)Menu Titles
i)Activity Details (e.g. Event Details, Show Details,Racing Meeting)- This also shows on the Reports for the Activity Concerned.
ii)Activity Results (e.g. Event Results, Show Results,Race Results.)
iii)Exercise (e.g. Exercise, Lessons, Teaching, Training and Therapy)
iv)Method of Selecting Horse– Horse Name or Stable Name
vi)Entry Three on every Horse Page
vii)Entry Four on every Horse Page
viii)Form of Winnings (e.g. Races, Eventing etc.)

b)Address Book Settings
i)Form of Single Title (Mr. or Esq.)
ii)Initials or First Name (What you want to show in Address Salutation)
iii)Method of Selecting People (By First Name, Last Name or both)
iv)Email System (either Outlook or AOL etc.
v)Years to hide Age from

c)Invoice Header – Select to use the inbuilt Header or use your own headed paper
d)Invoice Footer – Select either the inbuilt Footer or use your own headed paper
e)Change Header for Lessons from “Notes” to Anything You Want
f)Set Daily or Weekly Livery Charge
g)Set Standard Livery Rate
g)Set Exercise by Time or End Date
g)Set Period to save Exercise Details for and not delete them
h)Input your chargeable Mileage Rate for recharging your transport.
i)The month you wish the ages of your horses to be based on, if you don’t know the actual foaling date.


37 Warnings

a) Flu Vaccination – period between and reminder of next due.
b) Worming – period between and reminder of next due
c)Shoeing – period between and reminder of next due.
d)Teeth Rasping – period between and reminder of next due.
e)Vaccinations & Injection reminder of next due.
f)Ballot Warning – The period before you want to be reminded of Ballot Dates
g)Activity Warning – Set the warning period to be reminded of Activity Dates
h)Scan Warning – Set warning period before and after you want to reminded about scans.
i)Invoices – Your Invoice Date (e.g. 1st of month) and warning period required.
j) Last Invoice Date (Automatic reminder of last invoice Date)
k) Appointments and Diary Entries – warning required
l) Warning of Things to Do – Set Warning.

International Settings

38 International Settings

a)Set Tax Abbreviation
b)Set Currency Settings For Orders and Invoices
c)Set Date Format for Date on Main Menu
d)Set Date Format for Diary and Work To Do
e)Test and See results Of Changes
f)Save revised Settings

Report Menus

39 & 40 Report Menu

The List Boxes is divided into 7 sections: Emergency Event, Finance, list Reports, Racing, Shows and Tack Management. When the report is clicked the appropriate fields with drop down menus appearing

a)Emergency – Print a list of all exercise Students with their Telephone Number and Contact
b)Eventing – Report on A Horse, Report by all Horses, Report on an Event, Report of all Events, Report on an Owner, Report by all Owners, Report on a Rider, Report on all Riders.
c)Finance – Show all Invoices – Show allOrders – Show Livery Accounts – Payments from all Clients – Payments from a Client –Owners Accounts
d)List Reports – Feeding – Report of all Horse’s Feeding Regime – Show Livery Rates- – Show Riding Rates –Show Therapy Rates
e)Racing – Report on a Race, Report on all Races, Report by a Owner, Report on all Owners, Report of a Horse, Report of all Horses, Report of a Jockey, Report of all Jockeys
f)Shows.-. Report on a Horse, Report by all Horses, Report on a Show, Report of all Show, Report On an Owner, Report By all Owners, Report on a Rider, Report on All Riders.
g)Tack Reports – Location/Horse List.-.Category List, All Owner’s List.-.Print Assets by Current Value, All Items by Location/Horse & Category, All items by Category & Location.-.Items in a Category, Items at a Location/Horse.-.Print Assets by Owner, All Marked items by Category & Location/Horse, All Marked Items by Location/Horse & Category
h)VAT etc By entering a Start Month, you can obtain the Vat/Tax period and thenview:

a)VAT Sales Report
b)VAT Purchases Report

These are based on Invoices and Orders printed for the period, this should be used as a guide but VAT on all Purchases should be based on Invoices received.


41 Archiving

Archive Invoices and Payments that are old and that have been reconciled. Archive Orders that have been received and reconciled. View:

a)Archived Horse Invoices,
b)View Archived Simple Invoices
c)View Archived Credit Notes
d)View Payments
e)View Archived Orders

Back Up Data

42 Back Up Your Data

We recommend you back up your data frequently to a disk, your cloud or another part of your computer. Compacting the data, when the program opens, saves space on your computer.

Easy Address Book EntryThis allows you to enter the majority of your current/Personal Address Book data, using a linear format as in Excel. Also look at program.htm for our free Data Input Program to transfer Information from another source – e.g. outlook or excel.

Export Information

44 & 45 Export Information

Export Your Program Settings and the Horse Details, Address Book Data, Suppliers, Appointments, All Horses, All Invoices, All Orders, Current Invoice, Current Order, Current Date List, Current Email List and Current Things to do to any of the following Excel, HTML, Notepad or csv formats.

When Previewing any Report, this can be Printed or Exported to Excel or Notepad and, depending on how your computer is set up, HTML or Email. Exporting Information From Reports In access2010 you have the ability to export reports to other format like word and Excel. Sometimes if the formula is complicated, you will not be able to export direct to Excel. In this case you can export to Word and then copy what is in word into an excel form. This might have errors in it, but this can always be corrected, looking at the original report, In Excel it can be reformatted as you like.


When you open the Program you will be reminded of various items, depending on the time set in the Settings menu:

a)Invoice Date reminder
b)Ballot Date reminder
c)Event Date reminder
d)Race Date Reminder
e)Show Date reminder
f)Future Birthdays
g)Appointments in the Diary
h)Any forth coming Things To Doi)Scan reminder
j)Shoe reminder
k)Flu Vac reminderl)Wormer reminder
m)Vaccination and Injection reminder
n)Low Stock, including Auto Orderingo)Backing Up Your Data
p)Telephone Reminders
q)Email Reminders

Search Address

46 Search Address

You can search your address Book by Town, County or Part of Post Code and see everyone in that area, option to then contact by phone/email, create an invoice or export data.


47 Statements

You can create statements for your Owners/Clients, which show:

a)Invoices raised – Invoice No. Date amount, Printed and paid -Details viewed byclicking Invoice No.
b)Payments Received, by Date, Method and Amountc)Any Archived Amount and Allocated
d)Total for Invoice and payments and Balance.
e)Print by Allocated Amounts and Statements – Archived Amounts will only beshown if they exist as an Archive.
f)either plain Invoice or on 2 pages with overdue accounts.
g)If someone pays in advance for lessons say, put the sum received in the righthand column and then reduce the sum as invoices are created and shown on the left hand side. Pop Up Address Form, Throughout the program the Name Address and other details of a Rider or Owner are only a double click away. You can then email or telephone from the pop up screen. When you move to another record, the address details change.

Online Help

There is on line help throughout the Program. On opening the Program various popup forms will show to remind you of things to do. There are also tool tips on the screen if you hover the mouse over them.

Review Updates

On the opening screen there is a link to the Equine Management Program on our website, where you can see if there are new updates for our Program.
Additionally you can personalise the opening screen with your own Logo or
Picture. You can also view the Program Readme notes from this area.

Colour Change

48 Colour Change

You can select the background colour of the Program from one of 40 to suit your personal preferences.

Telephone and Email Log

49 Telephone and Email Log

Any call you make or email you send is logged with the name called and emailed and the number or email address and a note can be written against it. These are useful facility and you can select any you wanted to be reminded of.

Important Reminders

You can make a list of Important annual reminders ( e.g. Insurance renewals and Car Tax etc. ) and be reminded of it when the program opens. The list is held at the top right of the opening menu.

Bespoke Development

We are able to develop the Program to suit your specific business requirements. Please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss what extra features you need from the program and provide a competitive quote.


If you want to learn more about the program, you can look at some Videos of the program by going to the Support & Videos Page Of the Website . These were done for the 97 version, but are also relevant to the 2010 version