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User guide: Home & Business Inventory

Multi Location Home Inventory Program With an integrated Address Book and Suitable for Wills. The information below shows what this international program does. Each part of it is an invaluable tool to manage the assets in your House, Garden, Office or elsewhere.

01 Inventory Program

This Program is compatible with any Windows-based operating system (and can be used on A Mac –See how on the website).

This simple and flexible program is designed to let you look after your assets and, if you ever have cause for an insurance claim, you can easily send a list of items to your insurance Company or the Police. Equally, you can send a copy of your existing items to your New Insurer. Ideal for creating detailed inventories if you are letting one or multiple properties. You can create lists for as many properties as you like and you can also create lists for others’ at other locations/properties e.g. Children away at University. If you are an Agent looking after property. You can also do a list of your Will and look after Your House.

Main Inventory Page

2 & 3 Inventory Page

1. Hold all your assets on one Form
1a. Set whether to Use Proper Case or Not
2. Enter Locations
3. Enter Categories
4. Show All Locations this button toggles between single or all locations
5. Show All Categories this button toggles between single or all categories
6. Enter Item
7. Mark An item for Report (Useful in Event of Burglary)
8. Select location in upper section of page or use Location election within lower
9. Select Category or Use Category Selection within the lower Part.
10. If you lose everything you have typed, then close the form and when you come back, the information will be there.
11. Mark an item for a Report (useful in event of a Burglary)
12. Select Location in upper section of page or use Location Selection within lower
13. Select Category or Use Category Selection within the lower part.
14. Option to Enter Purchase Date
15. Option to Enter Serial Number
16. Option to Enter Cost
17. Option to Enter Current Value or Purchase Value
18. Option to Enter Owner– This can be changed to Inheritor, another household member or any other owner required
19. If you want to mark the item for a will, enter the name Here. It will be included in the Will export, which can be sent to the lawyer.
20. Input item Description this can be as detailed as you like
21. View Items by Product, Location, Category, Purchase Date, Cost Price, Current Value or Owner
22. Move Between Records
23. Add or Delete an Item
24. Restore Original Order of Viewing Items
25. Attach Documents from Computer) to Item
26. Attach up to 3 Pictures (from Computer) to an Item
27. See Details of
28. Show. hide Reference Numbers (for Importing Data)
29. Change Background Colour Of program
30. Open Report Menu

Report Menu

4 Report Menu

1. Report of All Locations
2. Report of All Categories
3. All Owner’s List
4. Print Assets By Value
5. All Assets by Location & Category
6. All Assets by Category & Location
7. Items in a Selected Category
8. Items at a Selected Location
9. Print Assets of Selected Owner
10. All Marked items by Category & Location
11. All Marked Items by Location & Category
12. Will Report – This should be Forwarded to your Lawyer.

Address Book

5 & 6 Address Book

1. Select Person or Company
2. First Name
3. Initials
4. Last Name
5. Postal Name
6. Company
7. 1st Contact
8. 2nd Contact
9. Birth Date and Age (can be hidden)
10. Category
11. Title
12. Gender
13. Status
14. Married Salutation
15. Single Salutation
16. 1st Contact & Company Salutation
17. 2nd Contact and Company Salutation
18. Set Proper Case on or off
19. ‘Notes’ opens Form to enter House Problems
Multiple Addresses:-
20. Move between, Copy, Paste, Add & Delete Addresses
21. Address Fields
22. Town
23. County
24. Post Code
25. Country
26. Switchboard
27. Direct Line
28. Direct Fax.
29. Home Telephone. 1 – go to News Feed on the Website for details
30. Home Telephone 2
31. Fax.
32. Mobile Number
33. Car Phone Number
34. 1st & 2nd Contact Numbers
35. Notes
36. Lock Telephone Numbers
37. Open Standard Files
38. Open Related Files
39. website
40. Email Address
41. Navigate around Names & Companies
42. Add New Name
43. Delete Name
44. Create & Print Envelopes.
45. Export Name & Address to Other Programs
46. Attach Picture
47. Select By Category
48. Select from All Entries
49. Find two other Names in Your Address book and double click to see their details, without moving from your page.
50. Use Website List for entering any website link to your computer (name you user and details of the link)
51. Select and open Website
52. Open Word and Excel from here
53. Close Page

Settings – Set How The Program Works

7 Settings

1.Select Operator’s Name (Drop down menu offers choice of all names in the Address Book to select from)
2. Select Property (Drop down menu offers choice of all properties in the Address Book to select from)
3.Pre Dial Number
4. Own Telephone Number
5. Set Telephone System
6.Set Warning for Birthdays
7. Enter Form of Single Title (Proper Mr. or Esq.)
8. Refresh or not Bank End Database (Leave as YES)
9.Warning in ays for Important Reminders
10. Email System
11. Back up Data – Source and Destination
12.Period between back ups
13.Proper Case
14.Years to Hide Age from
15.Choose to use Initials or First Name in Address
16.Method of Selecting People e.g. by first name and Last Name or Last Name and First Name or a combination of them both.
17. Select Warning Of Things to Do.
18. Select Warnings of Address Notes
19. Select warnings of Important Reminders
20 Header on Asset Page e.g. Owners Passwords
21. insert Old Password & Clear
22. enter New Password
23. Verify New Password

International Settings for use Abroad

8 Interrnational Setting for Use Abroad

1. Change the Format of the date on the Address Book
2. Set Date Format on Weekly Planner
3. Set Date Format on Format for Assets and Birthdays
4. Set Date Format for Things to do
5. Set Date Format for reminders
6. Set Date Format for Address Notes
7. Set Style of Country/ State
8 Set Style of Post Code/ Zip Code

Important Reminders

11 Important Reminder

1) Shows Important Annual Reminders
2) Use for Car Insurance & House Insurance
3) Shows Date, Item, Reference & Notes
4) House Building Warnings

7 Day Planner

9 7Day Planner

This allows you to do a 7 Day planner for a person or everyone. The report can be printed or deleted and it is important to delete these regularly as they do take up a lot of your Computer space.


Relevant Help is available on Each Page of the Program by clicking F1

Start Form

10 Start Form

1) Enter and Change Start Page Picture
2) Review Updates – Takes you to the Web page to see Latest Updates Look at Bottom left of form for your version Number
3) View program Notes – This lets you see the Latest Notes, which Came with the program or the update.
4) Compact Database – This should be done regularly to stop the Back End Database, which holds all your data, expanding unnecessarily.
5) Start Program – This takes you to the Main Asset Page.

Important Reminder

11 Important Reminder

Here you can include anything that wants renewing annual, such as Car or House Insurance

House Warnings

11b House Warnings

This is selected from both the Ribbon and also from each entry of the Address Book and will warn you of requirements, when the program opens

Things to do

12 Things to Do

This form allows you to do a shipping List or things to do. You can Print the list or cancel the List. You can copy or delete an item and you can tick the list, so you can see it when the program opens.


Individual updates or bespoke versions of this program can be created –please contact for a competitive quotation.