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User guide: Consultancy Management

Our Consultancy Management software is ideal for those working across the health, fitness, and therapy arenas. The Consultancy Management software enables you to keep track of appointments, manage the progress of your clients, keep notes of new stock to be ordered, and so much more.

Opening Page

1 Opening Page

The Opening Page allows you to:

a) Insert a Picture of Yourself!
b) Save your settings before an update and reinstall them after an update
c) Review the Website for any updates
d) Compact the database – this is normally done automatically
e) View Program Notes – These are the latest ones that come with the download or the update.
f) Start the Program

This New program is ideal for anyone helping People with products to help improve their life, for example Doctors, Oculists, Trainers, Masseurs, physiotherapists etc.

Main Menu

2 Main Menu

This is the ideal consultancy software for those working across the health, fitness, and therapy arenas: Doctors, Dentists, personal trainers, Hypnotists’, physiotherapists, reflexologists, nutritionists, chiropractors – the list is endless.

It allows you to keep track of appointments, the progress of clients, new stock to be ordered, and make comprehensive notes on all of this.. The Treatment Notes allow you see the notes both at the time of the Treatment and against the client in the Address Book. This includes the test notes, three Pictures and Attachments to anything else on your computer.

You can also hold and save as many websites as you want.

The program is user-friendly, with on-screen help, and comes with the guarantee of free future updates to the software.

It’s designed to make your life as a busy consultant that little bit easier.

You can select anything on the computer both from the Main Page and also from the Ribbon at the top of the page. Help is available by using F1 on the Menu or the F1 Button on your computer anywhere and at any time.

The Email Reminder allows you to send reminders of appointments. – What you want to say is set in the Settings menu.

Reminders when the Form Opens include:

a. Birthdays, b. Important emails c, important Telephone Calls d, Important reminders
e. Low Stock, f Appointments in Next 20 days.

Settings 1

3 Settings 1 Program settings

This is the general Settings for the program. You can set the owner and the Place for the Asset Management: Set up your telephone System; How you want to address people; Your email System, Set Period for Email Warning, for setting up your Data and passwords for the settings and more.

Settings 2 (email messages)

3 Setting 2 Email Messages

This is where you set the words you want to use on your emails
reminding People when their next Appointment is.

Settings 3 (international settings)

3 Settings 3 International Settings

This is where you make your international settings for overseas use. Look at the help to see how to do it.

Address Book

4 Address Book

This holds all your names and Addresses for People and Companies. You can select an existing company or Person. Alternately you can enter a new entry by going to the New name button and then selecting person or company and following the label around the various entries you have got to make.

You can email and Telephone from the screen (see “News” on the web for Instructions), Open word and put your details in, Do an Envelope, Export the Address, have as many labels as you want, Include a picture, Add the entry to a list and update all email addresses – You can also Attach Treatments (seen on Appointments too), See Previous Visits, Make a Private Note and search by Telephone Number or Email Address, see past letters and more.

You can find a person or Company by Address, Telephone number or by Category. You have five Entries you can name yourself and then use the entry you make for selecting names for lists and emails.

If you are a Vet looking after Animals, The Name of the Animal is shown at the top of the page and the Owner, their Address & Phone number are shown in the address pages below. Thus when you click the Animal’s name at the appointment, the details of the owner will show, together with the telephone number you can call, if you need.

Easy Entry

5 Easy Entry Program

This allows you to enter people & Companies in a straight line.

Search Address By Town etc. (and see Details)

6. Search Address by Town etc

This form allows you to find people by Town, County or Post Code.

Address Report

7 Address Report

The Address Report gives you the chance of having a list of all Your Companies and People with their addresses.


8A Appointments

a) Treatment Notes- These reflect the ones in the Address Book and Consist of Notes, Three Pictures (x-rays) and the ability to attach other notes or other items from your computer.
b) You can print Appointments and Birthdays, Show Client Details and Close the Appointments.
c) Notes on the Appointments are added to the invoice, but can be deleted from there if you want to keep them private.

Seven Day Planner

8B Seven Day PlannerPNG

The Seven Day Planner all you to plan the next week and appointments and print it out.

Product Sales

9 Product Sales

This allows you to invoice your clients easily. Select your Client, Enter the Date (Double click for Today date) select Item from drop down list, See if in Stock, Unit if Applicable, Number sold, Sale Amount and Click Invoice to automatically Invoice the Item.


10 Invoice

You can enter items, individually from the dropdown field, or you can add items automatically from the Product sales and Appointments. You can add VAT if you want You can move Between Entries, Add a new one, Delete the current one, do an envelope, Add details to the invoice, Print an email if you want, Save the invoice See the Client details and ring them if you want, Open the Statements and finally show the Invoice as paid. If you want to delete the comments to an Appointment you can.

Client Accounts

11.Client Accounts

This can be opened from the invoice for the particular Client or from the Report Page, where you can select the client. When an invoice is printed the form is ticked and you can tick it again, when it is paid.

You can see Archived and non Archived payments and receipts. Enter a Footer for Reports, To an Envelope for reports and then a Report of Allocated and a Statement of Outstanding

Credit Note

12 Credit Note (in USD)

The Credit Note is for repaying money or at least a Create Note for Customers. The form allows you to Start and delete a credit note; add details to put on the credit note, do
an envelope, Print and save the credit note Show the details of the client and telephone them and open the Statements and close the form.

Date List

13 Date List

This form allows you to do any list for Meetings, Christmas Cards, marketing or anything else. Names are selected from the address Book and can be insert from the selection list either by married or Single name, or limited to their lifestyle standard in the Address Book. You can change a Name on the list. You can copy names from one list to another; Do your Christmas List. you can Mail Merge the list, Do Labels, Preview the List, see any entry and Telephone, email or see their website! The Lists themselves show the received date and the sent date, and you can print them all or cancel all the printing buttons.

Email List

14 Email List

This is basically the same as the Date list but for emails – use for about 50 entries

Things to do

15 Things To Do

This is important as you can set it to be opened as a reminder, when the program opens. The list can be printed and other things can be added to it. You can also use the list to save details of your Fitness and Training Programs.


16 Export Information

This form allows you to export various item into other parts of the Program in the formats shown.

Telephone Log

17 Telephone Log

ALL your telephone calls are logged, if you use the system. The list can be printed out and if your tick the numbers they will be shown as a reminder, when the program opens. You can also dial the numbers here and can delete the using the tab at the top.

Email Log & Websites

18. Email Logg & Websites

The emails log is the same as the Telephone Log. You can hold a list of Websites, opened with the Website Table and then use them by using the drop down money to select the one you want.


19 Products

This holds details of all your products, including the Product cote, the name and Category, the unit of measure, two additional fields you can add to your taste. For the progress of the stock we Purchase and Sale price, the total In stock, Sale Price, the Total In Stock, the Re-order Level, the re-Order Number and the Number on order. YOU can add and delete items.

Order form

20 Order Form

The order form can be filled from The Low Stock or from selecting items or fill it in manually by entering Items in the Order Form. VAT can be calculated. You can start a new Order or delete an old one, do an envelope or show details. Save and Print the order or email it. You can also see and contact the Supplier.

Order Delivery

21 Order Delivery

Enter the date of the delivery and then you have three options:

a) If order is completed click the Ok and the order will be received
b) . If only a part order is received, go to the received point and a form will open to enter the number delivered in and then confirm by clicking the update.
c) If you are receiving something that is going to be multiplied between delivery and your storage, you can click on the Multiplier and this will multiply the number received to the amount you want to receive, again enter it into the received amount column and the multiplied number will be received into stock.
d) Finally, you can cancel the existing order and reorder it from another supplier.

Stock Take

22, Stock Take

The stock take can be in various ways, depending on you’re the requirements. The first steps is to find what you have and record it and then use the program to record what you have and update the Stock program to the new levels.


23 Reports

The Report menu has the ability to do a Vat Return, from what has happened in the Program and give reports on various items including the reports from the Asset Management Page all programs can be printed out.


24 Archiving

You can archive various Invoices and Orders and you can see Reports of them.

Asset Management

25. Asset Managemet

Shows all the contacts.

This form allows you to record everything held at the address Selected in the Settings Menu, recorded by Location and Category. All the details can be printed out and, in the event of a burglary, you can mark the items lost and send a separate list out to your insurance company and the police.


Various reminders are thrown up, when the program first opens. There is also one item “important” – Reminders in the ribbon. This works on an annual bases and covers such things as your Car Insurance, House Insurance and the meeting you must not avoid next week if you want.