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User guide: Business Contact Management

The information below shows what the program does. You don’t have to use all the program all the time, but some parts of it will be useful to you and save you time. You don’t have to Fill in All the Possibilities but they are there if you want to use them.

This Business Contact Organizer is ideal for any Company or Person who needs to keep contact with multiple Companies and People.

The Main Menu allows you to see details of all entries By a Category, a Business, a Salesman contacts and Flagged and “Lead” for Companies and People.

Don’t forget we offer complete custom solutions on this program and all our programs.

Make Telephone Calls, Email and Visit the Web from the one screen.- The Address Book allows for a website on each page. You can have access to as many websites as you want from the Main Page.

Search the Address Book by Everyone or by Category, Business, Flagged and ‘Lead’ and change between them. You can also Search by County, Town and Post Code.

Have as many Lists as you want for Mail Merge, Labels, mails, Items and Things to Do.

Change the Background Colour of the screen to suit your personal taste.

The Programs is written in Access2010 and a free copy of Access2010Runtime.exe is supplied with each Program. Also there is a free Input Program available on the website for putting all your information into the Address Book from elsewhere on your computer.

Main Menu

Business Contact Management Software - Main menu

a) Select any part of the Program you want to use – This can be done from the button on the Menu or from the Ribbon at the top
b) You can select a list for any Category, Business or Salesman’s Contacts and all Flagged Items and all Lead Items and display all their Contact Information
c) Open Invoices, Credit Notes and a quick finder for a particular one.
d) See a list of Meetings you have had between selected Dates
e) Hold as many Websites as you want and enter them easily
e) Word and Excel can be opened from the program
f) The Telephone Log and The Email Log are opened here – You can write messages about them and be reminded of them, when the program opens, or from the top ribbon.
g) See the Help Program or hover over any of the Buttons and press F1 to see the appropriate part of the program.
h) You can change the background colour of the program
i) See what version of the program you have – Updating is easy- (Save Setting before updating and reload after updating)
ii) Current time and date are displayed.
k) The Program can be networked.

Example of Menu Dropdowns

5.Example of Business Dropdowns

Main Menu Dropdowns can be done by any Category, Any Business, Any Salesman, with the Entries connected to him/her, All Flagged entries and All Lead Entries.

a) All Forms allow you to Export the Address To another Program and do an Envelope for the person/company.
b) Show the full address details of selected entry
c) Print a list of Entries, which shows everything except the address
d) The Lead List can be sorted by name or by Leads
e) The Flagged List allows you to delete all Flagged entries. The Flag facility is really for temporary use for making a collection of People/Companies

Address Book

6.Address Book Personal Screen

Personal Screen
(Press F9 to update screen).

a) Hold all your names and addresses (as many
addresses as you want for both Contacts (Top Picture) and Companies (Bottom Picture) and switch easily between them.
b) Three Ways of Selecting Names (First & Last, Last & First or Both – you may adjust this through the Program Settings page)
c) You can Enter the Business of the person.
d) Telephone from the screen – You can do this throughout the program (and Export the Fax No).
e) All Telephone calls are logged; you can select a call to be reminded of when the program opens. It shows – Date, Start Time, Number, Company/Person called and any notes you want to make.
f) Switch between People and Companies or People Only seamlessly.
g) Meeting Notes allows you to make notes of meetings with the contact displayed. You can have as many meetings with a person or company as you want and they are all dated and the notes can be selected by date. The Meetings can be printed out individually or all of them at once.
i) Connect Related Files to Company or Person (see Example on Company Screen)
j) Connect to Standard Files for General Use
k) Open attachments that are for the current user. Then you can open standard Notes, which are available throughout the address book.
l) Email and visit the websites from the screen – You can do this throughout the program – All emails are logged and you can add comments.
m) Do multiple labels for the 1st or 2nd Person or Contacts at a Company (16 different regular sizes) – Useful for Return Envelopes.
n) Design and do an envelope to the 1st and 2nd Contact at a Company or Person
o) Export the name and address of the Contacts at a Company or Contact to Word or elsewhere (And open Word at the same time)
p) Search by address (1st line and Town) or Telephone Number
q) Show what List (s) the Company/Person is on and Delete from a particular list if required. Add to Multiple Lists.

Company Screen

7.Address Book for Companies

Press F9 to update screen.

i) Connect Related Files to Company or Person (see Example on Company Screen)
j Connect to Standard Files for General Use
k) Make Notes, which can be exported round the other parts of the program on the Address PopUp Screen.
l) Email and visit the websites from the screen – You can do this throughout the program – All emails are logged and you can add comments.
m) Do multiple labels for the 1st . or 2nd Person or Contacts at a Company (16 different regular sizes) – Useful for Return Envelopes.
n) Design and do an envelope to the 1st and 2nd Contact at a Company or Person
o) Export the name and address of the Contacts at a Company or Contact to Word or elsewhere (And open Word at the same time)
p) Search by address (1st line and Town) or Telephone Number
q) Show what List (s) the Company/Person is on and Delete from a particular list if required. Add to Multiple Lists.
r) Automatically tries to enter the correct form of Address (e.g. Mr., Sir, Lord etc.)
s) Persons can be added to Companies, together with Title (Companies must be inserted before People can be added to the Company.)
t) Include a Picture of a Contact
u) Select whether to use Proper case or not, when inputting Data. v ) Salesmen can be linked to Companies they are involved with.
w) A Website for Person or Company
x) Add people and Companies to Lists.
y) Select 3 People or Companies from your Address Book and see their details including Telephone and Websites, without moving from the Address you are on.

Search Address

8.1 Search Address

a) Search Contacts by Town, County or part of Post Code
b) Shows both Contacts and Companies, with Business and Telephone numbers– (You can Phone all numbers throughout the program.)
c) Allows you to see Full address details of Selected Contact or Company
d) Allows you to do an Envelope to Contact or Company.
e) Allows you to Export Address for Contact or Company .e.g. for a letter.

Address Book Report

8.2Address Book Report

a) Print Contacts from Address Book.
b) Print Companies with contacts from Address Book.

Project Manager

9 Project MAnager

This Program allows you to manage as many projects as you need. For example, Starting or Finding a New Business, Finding a new Salesman or staff or Client. You can Find people to assist you with the project and have their Photos and 2 photos of the Project (e.g. if you are looking for new premises). Keep a record of your progress and expenditure against a Budget. You can record who comes to meetings and can save minutes of meeting and ‘Write Notes’ as you go along and see them and other things attached to the program whenever you need.

List with Dates (Useful for Mailing)

10.List with Dates

a) Select List for Names
b) Name of List
c) Start Date of List
d) Start Time of List
e) End Date of List
f) End Time of List
g) Notes about List
h) Enter Name for List.
i) Show Contact, or Contact & Company (if Applicable), List Notes, Sent Date, Received Date, Copy (mark to copy to another List), Add All Sent Dates & Remove all Dates.
j) Copy Names from another List to Current List
l) Add a new list, Delete the current List,
m) Do an envelope to selected name, Do mailing labels for everyone (16 Sizes)
n) List Report, Show other Lists a person is on,
o) Mail Merge to another document
p) Show address details, for selected name, changes as pointer moves.
q) Don’t print a particular name(s).
a) Select from Everyone, or a Category, a Business or Flagged or Lead Lists.
b) Select Single/1st Contact or Married/ 2nd Contact Name
c) Select Own Address or Company Address for people linked to Companies when updating the underlying List

Lists for Meetings

12 Lists for Meetings

Meetings can be arranged for as many people as you want. Select them from the List of emails and show them on the list, you can print. You can email them all or use the telephone to call them (Telephone and full details can be shown from the list). You can use the email system for the ones required and can mark the ones who are coming and print them out. You can also mark entries to enter them on another list.

List for Items (useful for Dress Code or Christmas)

13,list For Items e.g. Christmas . PNG

This form can be used for Christmas presents or dress Code for an event or list of people for a job.

a) Select List for Items
b) Name of Item List
c) Date and Time List Started (and Ended)
d) Notes About List
e) Select Names for adding to List (see top right of Picture
f) Change Name on a List
g) The List shows Name of Person, Age (if Appropriate) and any Note you want
h) Present to (Or anything else you want to call it)
i) Present from (Or anything else you want to call it)
J) Delete Name from List
k) Hide Presents to & From
L) Delete all Presents to and From
m) Copy name from one list to another
n) Add Copy for everyone or Delete Copy from everyone
o) See Address of Person On a List (Changes as pointer moves
p) Print List Report
q) Add New List and Delete List

N.B. The data for this part of the program is stored in the cbook_private.accdb, which is not networked.

Lists for Emails

14. Lists for Emails

a) Select List for Emails
b) Name of Email List
c) Date of Email List
d) Start Time of Email List
e) Notes
f) Open List of Emails to Select from
g) Details of Contact and Company Emails entered
h) Notes about the Individual email
i) Use and Copy (To another List)
j) Copy Names (from another List)
k) Copy Names to the Email and open Email if using Outlook etc. or Use copied list if using another system.
l) Do a Report of the Email List, which includes addresses and telephone Numbers.
m) See Address of Contact and/or Company on the Email List and telephone, email them or visit the Website from the pop up form. Selection changes as the pointer changes.

N.B. Check how many emails you can send at once, as it is normally between 35 and 40.


!5. Diary

Separate Diaries for Contacts and Companies

a) Select Name of Contact and Company in Settings for Diary, but others can be selected on the diary form.
b) Calendar of the month – can change Month and Year
c) Appointment Start Date, Start Time, End Date End Time, details and Notes
d) Add an Appointment – Either date selected on diary or any other one you want
d) Delete an Appointment
e) Print Appointments (Appointments can be kept and printed for as many people/Companies as you want.
f) Operator’s Appointments show on opening program for a warning period before, set in the Setting Menu. They can also be seen from the top drop down menu.

7 Day Planner

16. 7 DAy Planner

a) This allows you to Select any Monday from a Pop-up calendar and automatically populate the week.
b) The Diary can be for a particular Person or for General Use
c) When Printed, the space for an entry will expand to hold the Information entered.
d) You can have as many Diaries as you want but delete them when not needed as they take up a lot of space in the program.


17. Invoice

This is a simple invoicing system, if invoicing has to be undertaken.

1) Select any name from the Address book and the address will be shown
2) The Invoice number is made of an automatic number, to which can be added anything you want.
3) Email Address – If the email address is shown, you will be given the opportunity to email the invoice
4) If you have a Particular Salesman, You can enter the name of the Salesman here to indicate his interest.
5) Sow header and footer, unless you are printing on headed paper
6) Enter the date (Double click gives today’s date)
7) Enter the details, either making a new entry or selecting from what has already been invoiced.
8) Enter the amount to be charged and whether it is VAT Rated and VAT will be completed.
9) If sending a large order, you can select the order you want the items to show in.
10) At the bottom, see previous invoices, New Invoice, Delete Invoice, Envelope to the buyer, Invoice details are the footnote for the invoice and the words for the body of the email accompanying the invoice. Then Print and Save Invoice and show client Details. After printing the Invoice is shown as Printed and the Form itself has copy on it.
11) The invoice can be marked as paid if it is.

Find an Invoice or Credit Note

18.Find Invcice or Credit Note.

This is a useful popup that allows you to find a particular invoice and go to it and also view the invoices you have sent in Sales Ref, Date or Customer Order. When the form is either previewed or used to go to an invoice, it will be closed.

Credit Note

18,a Credit Note

The Credit Note takes the same form as the Invoice.

Report Meetings between Dates

18.b. Report Meetings Between Dates

This allows you to see a list of your Meetings between dates and what notes you made of them. They cannot be changed here, but can be printed out.
**They are entered in the Address Book

Things to Do

19. Things To Do

a) Select List or things to do
b) List Name entered or shown
d) Notes
e) Person Associated with List
f) Warning Check – Reminded of list, when Program opens
g) Date of List
h) Name on List Item if required
i) Details of List
j) Completed
k) Date Completed
f) New List
k) Cancel List
l) Print List
m) Close Form
n) Double-Click any name to see details.

N.B. If no Notes shown at top or No Person Entered, then nothing shows on Print out.


20. Export Data

a) Address Book
b) Contact Appointments
c) Company Appointments
d) Currents Date Lists
e) All Date Lists
f) Current Email List
g) All Email Lists
h) Current Things to Do
i) Settings


a) csv Delimited Format
c) Excel
d) Notepad

Anything Printed can also be exported in various Formats

Telephone Log

20a. Telephone Log

1) All telephone calls are logged and can be seen with date, time, number and person called and two further dates at 7 & 14 Days as reminders. Comments on call can be entered and commented on.
2).Telephone calls can be marked to show, when the Program opens.
3) Telephone calls can be printed out and deleted

Email Log

20.bEmail Log.

1). All Emails are logged and can be seen with Date, Time, Email Address, Name and two further dates at 7 & 14 Days as reminders. Comments on email can be entered and commented on.
2) Emails can be marked to show when the Program opens.
3) Emails can be printed out and deleted

Networking the Program

The program can be networked. The first thing is to download the program to every computer that is going to use it. Then remove the CBook_Data.accdb and Place it on the server. The CBook_Private.Accdb, wants to remain on each computer as it holds the Private Notes and Telephone and Email logs. The CBook_Mail.accdb holds everything that has been mail merged. It can either stay on its own computer or can be added to the server if you want the information to be available to everyone.


21. Settings

a) Operator’s Name is used as the Header of The Invoices and as the selected Name of the Diary
b) Pre Dial is used if you have to insert a number for an outside line
c) Enter your own Number
d) Set Telephone – This is where you select the Com Port for your modem
e) Set VAT Rates – This is where you set the VAT rate if you are invoicing
f) Enter Number of days warning you want for Appointments & Birthdays
g) Refresh or not the Back End Link. Turn on if moving the back end of the program to a new position (e.g. to Network).
h) Set number of days warning for Important Reminders
i) Set number of days warning for Things to Do
j) Set years to Hide Age From
k) Select Whether to use Initials or First Name in the Address Book
l) Enter form of Single Title (Mr. or Esq.)
m) Method of selecting Names (First and Last, Last and First or Both)
n) Email System – Outlook or Something else
o) Proper Case – This controls whether the Program looks after the Proper Case for you throughout the programme or not.
p) The Backup source and Destination
q) Period between Back ups
r) The title of the “Salesman” could be “Agent” or anything else.
s) The password for the Program can be entered and changed here.
t) You can open the ‘Settings’ menu, but this should only be used if you know what you are doing!

Remember The Program can be networked. There is a Free Easy Data Entry Program on the website for you to import your data from another source and if you want a telephone modem there is a good one on the website.

International Settings

22 International settings

This is where you change the program settings for International use:

a)The format for the Date on The Main Menu
b) The format for the Dates in the Diary
c) The formats for the display of the Birthdays d)The format for Dates in Things to Do
e) The format for the important Reminders
f) The format for Country/State in the Program
g) The format of Post Code/Zip Code in the Program
h) The Tax Abreviation in the Program (e.g. VAT/Tax)
i) The Currency being used e.g. Pounds/Dollars
j) Save settings

Important Reminders

22A Inportant Reminder

You can make a list of important annual reminders (e.g. Insurance renewals and Car Tax etc. ), and be reminded of it when the program opens. This is done by entering a date e.g. 1/10/12 – only the first two figures are saved (1/10) and you will be reminded every year on 1/10.


We are able to develop the Program to suit your specific business requirements. Please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss what extra features you need from the program and provide a competitive quote.