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Software overview: Wedding & Party Planner

Our wedding & party planner software will help you plan your own wedding (and/or party); taking care of everything you could ever imagine, and then some! As well as being a great tool for individual weddings, it also has the ability to manage multiple weddings/ parties, making this software great for professional wedding planners.

Pre Wedding

Where do you start? Our planner gives you suggestions and ideas for things that you should plan to help avoid missing key activities. Using the free Easy Data Entry program you can put your names and addresses in quickly. When entering names, add the word ‘temporary’ to the Category field so that the names can be instantly deleted once the party is over. There’s a good Address Book to keep track of people and companies, so you’ll always have all of your guests and service provider’s details at hand. You may also plan your seating arrangements as lists for ease of use and table position. In addition, the program will help with communication, exporting addresses to letters, envelopes, labels, etc. You can also telephone and email directly from the screen and make notes in relation to your logs.

Wedding Planner

Who is getting married? Where and when? This plans for the big day and shows who is responsible for different tasks, as well as showing the total costs.

Things to Do

This is a good place to put the hairdressers’ appointments, and there’ll be a lot of them! You won’t have to worry about these, and other essential, tasks because the program gives you reminders.

Key Figures

Who is going to run your wedding? – Recruit the people to help you.


Where you are holding the wedding, reception and what have you? Find the place, the time and the band.

Additional Expenditure

It’s surprising how these can add up: any extra costs are added to the total for you.

Pre Wedding Parties

Are you having any pre-wedding parties? Who is organising these, and who is going? Keep track of events and costs.


We hope you get some, but remember to send appropriate thanks; this is easy to overlook after the excitement of the big day, but the program page will remind you.

Invitation List

Don’t forget to organise and buy the invitations (and send them in good time) – the Address Book supplies the names you need, and you can also include the food requirements. And to make life easier, you can search the address book by name, address, phone number and category.


You’ll find menus here, including vegetarian options – and you can produce individual menu cards for all of the guests, too.

Table Plans

This can often be a tricky one – plan who is sitting where and with whom, and also who gets what to eat. Prints page to show seating plans for the various tables.

Delete Temporary Names

This allows you do delete anyone whose category is shown as temporary, with a button on the main menu. If you are planning someone else’s wedding, they can send the names with the easy Data Entry Program and you can delete them when you have finished and are ready to go to the next client.