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Software overview: Premier Stock Control

Our Premier Stock Control software makes stock management much easier, saving you time (and frustration) from the management of your stock. Inventory, invoicing, quote requests, credit notes, deliveries, address book management, telephone logging, weekly planning, pick lists, email lists, asset management, low stock warnings, automatic stock ordering, report generating and so much more – our Premier Stock Control software has it all covered.

You can also use the built-in Barcode Scanner throughout the software, simplifying your everyday stock management tasks.

Main Menu

Access to all parts of the Program – Hold and open as many websites as you want – Open F1 Help – Change Program Background Colour – Word and Excel: you can open these from the Program

Bar Code Reader

The Bar Code reader can be used (on not) throughout the program.


Products Select by Name or Product code – Can have more than one supplier and place order from them automatically with details of Lead Time, Initial Order & Minimum Order for Repeat, Store by Building, Isle, Rack Shelf and Four you can name – Purchase Price & Sale Price – Total In Stock,, Reorder level, Reorder Quantity, On Order, Stock Type – Pictures, Attachments and report – Enter new item, or go back one record to save entry


These can be prepared, either singularly or in Bulk


Can be entered from Stock Page or Quotes or direct into Order Form. All sent by email, Post or Both.

Orders Received

These can be received in Total or in Part or by multiple, where one order includes a multiple number of items for stock. Items can alo be deleted or reordered from another supplier.

Product Sales

This creates an invoice any person for an amount of Any Item at the click of the mouse

Invoices and Credit Notes

These are Invoices and Credit Notes, Shop Sales (Purchaser not entered), Plain Invoices and Credit Noted, not attached to Items and Pick List for collection of Items for sale

Stock Take

16 ways of stocktaking by hand or by Bar Code Reading


26 reports including VAT and Customer Reports, produced on Invoicing

Address Book

Hold all you names and address, including Category – People can be linked to Companies and shown with them – Show Details, VAT Number and Credit limit – Search by Name, Address, Telephone Number or Category – Email or Telephone from he screen – See details of 2 people or Companies you are not dealing with at the time – Holds Individual Websites

Diary and Appointments

This shows a Diary, Appointments, Birthdays and a 7 Day Planner.

Other Items

Easy Data Entry for putting your Address Book entries in – Address Search by Town, Count or Post code – Work To Do: can be reminded when Program Opens – Date Lists e.g. Christmas Cards – Email Lists for Bulk emailing: say 48 entries – Export Data to other Programs – Backup Data: you will be reminded to do this – Archiving: saves your old work, but you can still see it – Settings: you have Settings for the program, Address Book Settings and warning and International Settings for other currencies – Telephone and email logs: both are logged and you can be reminded of them if you want.