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Software Overview: Business Contact Management

The Main Page links to all other parts of the software: select any category, business, salesman, flagged entries or any lead entries and you will see their names, notes, website and telephone number(s) to call and copy, salutation, print envelopes or see their address.

Enter & use as many websites as you wish.

Main Menu


Address Book

Hold all your Addresses in one placed, Separated by Person and Company – Attach people to companies and see their telephone and email numbers – Search By Category or Business & By Lead Rating and by “Flagged” – Open Meeting Notes to record & Private Notes (only on your computer) – Attach items and Letters and their own Website – Search the address book by name, address, phone number and category – See details of 3 other People – Copy Address to a letter, Envelope for a letter & do labels to a person/Company – Add to Lists and include a Picture

Easy Data Entry

This allows you to enter names easily into the address book.

Search Address

Search by town, county or postcode.

Address Book Report

By people & companies.

Invoices etc

Invoice, credit note and search invoices.

Plan Meetings

You may plan meetings for up to 35 people via email, and remind them with a follow-up if required.

Plan Projects (or Holidays)

You may add new projects, delete projects, and even print projects.

You can add project start and end times, select up to 6 people and enclose photos, open notes, attachments and two separate images. Set a project cost and see usage, schedule project meetings with date, people present, goals achieved, set new goals, reports & costs incurred.


This shows appointments, diary and birthdays and you are reminded of them when the program opens. You may also open a 7 day planner for detailed planning.

Lists with Dates

This is useful for Christmas cards and meetings, etc.


The program can be networked around your office. To do so you will need to copy the cBook_Private.accdb file to each operator; they will then have their own calls and emails together with private notes and christmas presents.

Other Items

Change Settings: This allows you to set your operating setting and international ones – Lists with items Christmas: kept to your own computer – List for Emails: usually about 48 – Report meetings Between Dates: These are set in the Address Book – Things to Do: These are useful things you can remind yourself of, when the program opens – Export Information: Exports tables to other parts of your computer – Back up Data: Be reminded to do it regularly – Colour Change: You can change the Colour of the Program – Telephone and Email Logs are kept and you can be reminded of them if you want, when the program opens – Help on F1 is available throughout the Program