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Software Overview: Bulk Individual Emailer

With the many various web-based bulk email applications available in today’s age, choosing the right one can be trivial.

Introducing our Bulk Individual Emailer software. This program will send individually addressed emails to any number of your selected customers.

With only a one-off price to pay, regular updates, and zero ongoing monthly payments; our Bulk Individual Emailer software gives you the solution you need at a fraction of the cost.

Bulk Email

Information Input

Select your names and addresses from any other Microsoft program, e.g. Outlook, Excel, Word or Access and convert/save them to a CSV file – it’s easy and the program explains how.


Decide whether you want to send a plain text or a fuller email, including pictures etc., which you can create and then convert and send as an html Email.

Delay sending

You can set a delay of between 1sec to 4mins for each email, to help ensure your server doesn’t think you’re spamming.


a) Select the CSV File
b) * Enter Your Server, Your Name and Your Email Address
c) * Enter the subject heading for Your email
d) * Decide if you are sending a text or a html email
e) * Include an Attachment if you want
f) Send the emails

*These items are all saved from session to session, and again the program explains how to enter them.

See Report

The text report (which can be converted to Excel or Word, etc.) shows recipient names, emails sent, date and time sent. It also has space for any comments to be added.

Need help?

There are tooltips on the program and full help is available at the click of a button. To access the help menu, use your left Alt key and the underlined letter within the program.