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User guide: Easy Data Entry Software

This Free Input Program is designed to help you put your data into the Address Book in your new program both quickly and easily.

All ideas depend on making a csv file from one of three positions:

a) If you have your information on either Word or Excel: This program is designed to work with any of our programs to put the data you have elsewhere on your computer into the program.

The first task is to transfer the information you have into a CSV file, which the program uses. If your records are in Excel you can save it as a CSV File, but a Word Document must be saved as a txt File, before saving it as an Excel File and then as a CSV.

b) If you hold your information on Outlook:

1) Switch your attention to Contacts at the bottom left of the screen
2) Choose File/Open/Import/Export to a file
3) Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows)
4) Choose the Contacts folder from the list
5) Select your File Name
6) Remember the file name (!) – Choose Finish
7) The file you select should now contain all of your Contacts in a CSV Format

c) If you want to use your IPhone as your source, we suggest that you sync with Outlook and then follow the steps above.

When you have captured your CSV file then open it and add an extra field, which you call TYPE. You enter “Person” or “Company” into the type field, depending on the entry and you are then ready to go.

You can then open the Easy Data entry program and follow the instruction on F1 and quickly enter your address Book into to the program.

If you are using the Horse or Stock Control programs, you can then use the program to enter your horses and your stock items.

Select the Source File

1. Select the Source File you have made to Populate your New Program Database

2. Select the File you want to Populate (This should be your Data File)

3. Mapping – This is where you map the file you have created to the Program file you are populating.

4. This is the result of your efforts.


If you have any errors, they will show up on this report.